Super Gay Movie of the Week: Boy Culture Directed by Q. Allan Brocka

l_433350_6f8108e5Have you ever seen a movie that reminded you of a bunch queens you knew back in college ? Oh, yea…hunti. Boy Culture is that movie.

2006 was a good year for gay moview and Boy Culture is one of my favorites! Remember Darryl Stephens who played Noah in Noah’s Arc? Yep. He’s in it, too…which is one of the reasons I just had to see this movie. He must be one heckuva versatile actor because he plays a top in Boy Culture.

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KListen: Shire “I Used to LovHer”

We should probably only post music on thursdays since all the KListen songs so far have been throwbacks. Now we promised not to post another 90s joint, so we are taking it back to 2008 with this one.

For those who don’t know, back in the early 2000s, Sisqo had a R&B group called LovHer. They didn’t last long so unless you are from the DMV you might not remember them. Six years after the breakup, Shire the ex-lead singer of the group, came back on the scene with today’s song “I Used to LovHer”. It has been a part of my breakup mix ever since (Yes I have a breakup mix) even though the true meaning of the song is up for interpretation.

Take a look. Take a listen. What do you think? Continue reading

eve copy

Super Gay Movie of the Week: But I’m a Cheerleader (1999) Directed by @BabbitJamie

NLbutimacheerleader011As our countdown to the 16th annual Miami Gay and Lesbian  Film Festival continues, let’s all get out our tents because it’s time for camp.

But I’m a Cheerleader is the story of All American girl Megan Bloomfield, from Anytown, USA. She’s pretty, she’s popular, and she cheers in support of her football playing boyfriend. But there is something just not right about this girl. Why doesn’t she like having her face gnawed off by her BF during their make out sessions?  Why did she start eating tofu? Is that a Melissa Etheridge poster hanging in her room? OH NO, she must be A GAY. Continue reading


KWord Approved: Tasting Room by Lot18

TheKWord_TastingRoom_ 185

We have been talking a lot about wine and food since the launch of the Lesbians of Color Dinner party.  Ok we have been talking a lot about wine and food forever. Have you ever joined a wine club or thought about joining a wine club? I have considered joining wine clubs before but never really made the investment. I know what I “like” so I was a bit nervous about just taking their shipments without them knowing me.

So when I came across, I was very excited.  They boast that they are a new kind of wine club, and that they have created “the world’s first personalized wine experience.” It’s a simple enough plan (like most of these box of a month clubs), you receive a case of 12 bottles of wine every three months based on your taste. Continue reading

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Fling: A Women’s Weekend – Miami Beach Pride for Women 2014 — THIS WEEKEND

Awww spring is here and with that comes some of our favorite lezzie event in Miami. Up next is Fling: A Women’s Weekend during Miami Beach Gay Pride.

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Something Like A Super Lesbian: Nikky Finney

 Sign language

For the man who jumped out in front of the woman with his
arm raised like a machete screaming Abomination! as she
walked the streets of San Francisco holding her lover’s hand
for the first time in public.

There is a woman who goes to sleep
every night wishing she had broken
your sternum reached up inside your
chest momentarily borrowing your
heart to hold before your screaming
face and with her other hand still
clutching her lover’s broke next into
her own sternum plucking next her
own heart dangling them both there
sterling silver sign language for you
tell me what is the difference.

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Lesbians of Color Dinner Party Series - March 2014


Happy Sunday! It has been a long week of ups and downs but I am very glad I was able to attend the latest installment of our Lesbians of Color Dinner Series. It was a great time hosted by one of my favorite couples Katrina and Jennifer. For their dinner they chose a  Italian theme served family style, complete with an after dinner shot of Sambuca (among other libations).

These monthly dinners are becoming one of the highlights of my month. We have candid conversations about everything from dating to professional advancement. I love how we have created a safe place where we can talk without judgement (well… maybe a little judgement lol).  We now have about 20 dynamic women in our group and I can’t wait to see how the next dinner turns out.

VIVA la LOC! Continue reading

20-something Magazine Covers Featuring Lesbians of Color

All this talk about magazine covers, starring folks that won’t be name, got us to thinking —  Aside from Ellen, where are the lesbian cover girls?

A few keystrokes later, I found an autostraddle posting called 100 Awesome Magazine Covers Starring Lesbians. As awesome as they indeed were, one thing jumped out at me…there were very few lesbians (or bisexuals) of color.

So with a little luck and a lot of google, I have found 20(ish) magazine covers featuring lesbians of color. Take a look. Which covers are we missing?

P.S. We know Queen Latifah is not a self-proclaimed lesbian but I love that cover.


Out and About: #LadyFestMiami VIP Reception

LadyFest Miami is a DIY (do-it-yourself) festival organized and run by volunteers made by and for women: trans folks, LGB people, straight women, kinksters, people of color, immigrants, genderqueer, queer, and their allies.

The goal of the grassroots organization is to unite, engage, and empower our local community, build a sustainable community and celebrate diversity by creating a space for education, transformative dialogue, art, and cultural expression. LadyFest is open and inviting to everyone, of all ages and backgrounds.

To kick off the first event and showcase a taste of what LadyFest Miami had to offer, they held a VIP reception at O Cinema in Wynwood on Wednesday, March 26. We were honored to be among those they invited.
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KRead: Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison (Not so #LGBT read)

orangeisthenewblackWait what?

If you (like myself) were gearing up for season two of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black by reading Piper Kerman’s memoir, “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison”…. eh…. don’t.

The memoir is NOT like the book in some very key ways, the biggest being, it’s not nearly as gay.

Plot Summary: 10 years after a whirlwind relationship with her drug dealing ex-girlfriend, Piper finds herself in federal prison, leaving life as she knew it and her fiancee at home.

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Executive Producer Sydney Hicks, actress/executive producer Mo'Nique, Outfest Executive Director Kirsten Schaffer, Outfest Director of Programming KP Pepe and Fusion Head Of Programming Taj Paxton

CELEZBRITIES OUT AND ABOUT: Outfest Fusion LGBT People Of Color Film Festival – Opening Night Screening Of “Blackbird”

The reports are in and the 11th annual Outfest Fusion was a great success. Every year Outfest Fusion, showcases LGBT film by people of color. The festival features 30 short and feature-length films from around the world that reflect a wide array of LGBT stories and parties. Fusion gives participants an opportunity to see reflections of their own experience and to deepen their understanding of other LGBT communities of color. We are still very bitter that we didn’t attend but we figured a week was more than enough time to get over it.

The opening night boasted a screening of Patrik Ian Polk’s Blackbird. Check out some of the pictures below… we aren’t in any of them *side eye*


                                       SLAY MS. PARKER!



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dogyear copy

Super Gay Movie of the Week: The Ten Rules – A Lesbian Survival Guide (2002) by @MichelleParadis

1973471_10152264341705575_854664054_oIt’s the weekend woo hoo! Andddd we have officially begun the countdown to the 16th annual Miami Gay and Lesbian  Film Festival, so prepare for lesbian cinematic overload.

As you know one of our favorite segments each year is the Women’s Short Program.  While we wait with bated breath to see what is selected this year, we have to share one of @kristiweb‘s all time favorite lesbian short films. The Ten Rules. It was the short film that led to Logo’s freaking hilarious show Exes and Ohs.

For the 80s babies among us, it is very Clarissa Explains It All meets the L Word.

Check it out here.

You can also see one of our favorites from last year First Date by Be Steadwell.



Something Like A Super Lesbian: Vernita Gray (In Memoriam)

CT met-Vernita-Gray-gay-marriage-01.JPGVernita Gray, a Chicago icon and the gay rights activist who wed her partner in Illinois’ first same-sex marriage, has died at age 65.

According the Associated Press, Gray died late Tuesday of cancer at the same Chicago home where she married Patricia Ewert in late November. She was surrounded by family and friends when she died. Continue reading


We See What You Did There: Ex-Senator Hides in Closet for 5 hours

Nicole+LeFavour+headshot+croppedFirst let us say that the K Word would never ever ever ever ever ever suggest you go to your old job and do something like this. But we have to give former state, Sen. Nicole LeFavour her props for this one.

She hid in a closet in the Idaho Statehouse for more than five hours in an attempt to convince Republican lawmakers to update the language in the Idaho Human Rights Act. She is attempting to get lawmakers to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the act which outlines the state’s anti-discrimination provisions.

Say what now? Yep, she did that… in a closet… for 5 hours. Continue reading


Tongue Action: Brussel Sprouts Recipe — Guest post by the amazing Chef @creole26

Don’t cringe, these are delicious. I learned the method in a cooking class, and I’ve been making them this way ever since. And before you even ask, NO you can’t substitute turkey bacon for pork. I tried, and it led to a plate of sadness and regret. Just leave the pork out if you want. You’ve been warned!


2 lbs fresh Brussels sprouts (it sounds like a lot, but trust me, it isn’t)
4-6 slices PORK bacon. From a pig. That went oink.
Balsamic vinegar
Dried Cranberries, chopped walnuts, blue cheese crumbles–Optional (I usually leave them out, because while it is a delicious combo, it is a BIT too much for regular weekday fare) Continue reading


KRead: Black Girl Love by Anondra “Kat” Williams

blackgirlloveHappy Sunday love bugs! I am prepping for my Haiti trip *details on that later* so I have been keeping myself and my wallet home all weekend.

Besides having my own mini Godfather marathon thanks to HBO, I got my read on.  I stumbled upon a book which won me on the title alone, black girl love by Anondra “Kat” Williams”.

Plot Snapshot: A collection of 25 short stories and poems about black women loving, lusting and living for other black women.

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Out and About: Alicia Keys

I know she isn’t a lesbian…. I know she is married with a young son… I know… I know… I know…*forced smile* I also know that Alicia Keys in menswear has been sexy since she fell on the scene  (see what I did there). alicia1 Continue reading


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