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50 Thoughts Everyone Has At Our Lesbian of Color Dinner Series

Kinda like 55 Thoughts Everyone Has At Group Dinners but gayer…

  1. Wait what exactly is the Lesbian of Color Dinner Series?
  2. Oh
  3. I hope this isn’t like that other thing
  4. I don’t do drama…
  5. Whose month is it anyway?
  6. Ooh she can cook. Yes Lawd
  7. This is definitely going to be a cheat day.
  8. 7:30 EST or CPT? We are colored.
  9. I wonder who the new people are going to be.
  10. I swear one of these days I am going to walk in and see my ex.
  11. The Miami lesbian circle is way too small.
  12. Where do they live again?
  13. Damn that’s far…
  14. I better stop drinking at least an hour before I leave.
  15. Maybe I can carpool.
  16. I am going to be on time this month.
  17. Damn it’s already 7 o’clock.
  18. I hope they don’t do that clapping thing…
  19. I hate that clapping thing.
  20. Crap where am I going to park?
  21. Oh God they did the clapping thing
  22. I need a drink.
  23. What is she doing here?
  24. I knew it.
  25. The Miami lesbian circle is way too small.
  26. Where am I going to sit?
  27. I need a drink… or two
  28. What are we talking about?
  29. Oh the gay marriage thing… I have a dog.
  30. Damn this drink is strong.
  31. She’s cute.
  32. Wait I think we are friends on Facebook.
  33. I need food.
  34. Another shot… I can’t.
  35. She wants us to play a game?
  36. Is she serious?
  37. Ok maybe it is a little fun
  38. My turn! My turn!
  39. I must be drunk.
  40. Food Finally!
  41. She put her foot in that.
  42. So I can have a little more to drink.
  43. I missed carbs.
  44. I’m drunk.
  45. I have to Instagram this.
  46. What are we talking about?
  47. Kids… oh I have a dog.
  48. I am cut off
  49. I think I might want to host one of these.
  50. Hmm…


I have had my fill of lesbian drama. Ok. Let me restate that please. I am sick and tired of WATCHING lesbian drama on my digital devices. With that being said, I am all for lesbian comedy. It’s about time
someone came along with a sense of humor. I was beginning to lose faith in my sisters. We can’t all be so serious all the time can we? I am also sick of seeing black women languishing behind bars…which is
why, although it may be funny and full of lesbians, I haven’t seen Orange is The New Black. Right now, Entangled With You is giving me EVERYTHING. Continue reading


KListen: @TheAlsace – On My Grind feat Alicia Renee

alsace5I have great news that I planned to share with you all a little bit later but y’all know I can’t hold water. Here it goes!

This is my last KListen post! [insert your fake sadface here]. Continue reading


In The News: Gay Marriage Ban in Florida Still in Effect

As a Florida born and bred lezzie, I have been asked by quite a few folks, “What is really going on with the gay marriage ban in Florida?” Normally, I would tell them to google it.  This time I was actually at a cocktail event with some of the Miami LGBT elite on the 17th (I snuck in) and got the tea from the folks’ holding the bag. Continue reading


KRead: Black Woman, White Combat-from the Streets to the Sand

Black Woman, White Combat-from the Streets to the Sand
Plot Snapshot:  A memoir of Eboni N. Lacy, an army reservist, who shares her experience during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I am conflicted about this book. I could tell within the first few pages that completing it would be a labor of love. The writing is not as polished as most of the books I am drawn to and some of the experiences she shares appear to be disjointed. Continue reading

velvet goldmine

Super Gay Movie Review: Velvet Goldmine

velvetgoldmineposterBefore I can even get started with this review, I must say these words:

Velvet Goldmine is one huge, unforgivingly beautiful mindf*ck from outer space.


Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, I can finally talk about the
film. This review has been three months in the making, for good reason. Continue reading


KRead: Black Bull, Ancestors and Me: My Life as a Lesbian Sangoma by Nkunzi Zandile Nkabinde

blackbull2I have always had a love for the study of people and culture. For those who don’t know, back a decade ago, I received my undergraduate degree in Sociology. I wanted to study deviant subcultures, and had all intentions of being a leading expert on the world’s oldest profession.

How that led me into a career in fashion photography is a whole other post…

The latest KRead book, Black Bull, Ancestors and Me: My Life as a Lesbian Sangoma has awaken every sociological and anthropological bone in my body.

Plot Snapshot: A memoir of Nkunzi Zandile Nkabinde, a lesbian sangoma (traditional healer), shares with us her personal journey of enlightenment through a traditional South African landscape.

Continue reading


Odd Lez Out: When Did Everyone I Know Get Hitched?

Now let me say this first, I am not bitter. I am happy for all of those people that have found love (or a good substitute). I will use my frequent flyer miles for your NYC nuptials. I will hold your hair back at your bachelorette parties. I will even prepare a speech for the rehearsal dinner. I am happy happy happy FOR YOU.

Too much?

I’m just saying… when did all these life-long attachments occur? Did I miss a memo? It seems like once we hit 30…ish every lesbian has to couple up in order to make it through the winter of their lives. That came out a bit darker than I thought it would… Continue reading


#SuperGayMovie Review: Leave it on The Floor #lgbtfilm #gayfilm

LiotF Leave It On The Floor, by Sheldon Larry, explores the underground ball scene in Los Angeles in the form of a gay musical.

Say what girl? A gay musical?

IF you’re like me, you’re thinking, “Aren’t all musicals gay?” Well this is one Super Gay Musical, complete with drag houses, vogue dance battles and a boy on boy modern dance number.

E Gads! Continue reading