Events: Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Dyke Dollar

Summary: A quirky story of a giant “dyke dollar” and the boy who got her as change from the convenience store.

Kword Thoughts: Now my pseudo-intellectual self wanted this to be my favorite short. I love the concept. For those who don’t know, in the 90s there was this big initiative to show the power of the LGBT dollar by marking them. This film is the tale of a life-sized dyke dollar name Evelyn. In the end, it raised a lot of valid points, which is good, but I have to admit the beginning was very Sahara-esque (dry).

The Quote from the Peanut Gallery: “Since I couldn’t just get up and leave, I’m glad it got better. But if I had a remote I would have changed the channel.”

The Verdict
: 3 of 5 stars