Love almost killed me… and other things that I learned on my blogging hiatus

Ok… don’t let the headline fool you. I am not ready to talk about it. I have not fully processed it. I am not sure how long it will take and if I will every be strong enough to talk about it on here… but love almost killed me. It almost consumed me. It took me down a dark path of tears and frantic calls and inability to eat. It made me hate myself enough to want to sleep forever. Yes all the while I was smiling and laughing and trying to help others. Yes all the while I was snapchatting and instagramming and making journals for people to write down their feelings.

Yes I am getting better. Yes the love is still there. Yes it is still dangerous. Yes I still crave it from time to time.

So I am blogging again… I am blogging every week… at least. I am saying the things that I have been suppressing. I am flawed. I am irresponsible at times. I am sensitive. I am sexual. I am scared. I am here… and I am not apologizing for it.

Oh yeah I learned some other stuff… like tomato pie is not a dessert but is delicious. Dushi mean sweetheart in papiamento. And…. well hell if I tell you now there will be nothing to blog about.

So run tell that. strikes a bboy… bgirl pose

Shoutout to Coco for reminding me that I had readers that might just have missed me. Thanks bella!


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