Chapter 2: Joy

“Joy! Ooh that’s just my baby mama!” Toni’s loud ass yelled as I was just about to take my behind home. They both know I was all about being on time and these heffas had me sitting there fending off fools for 10 minutes. Ok not really. Everybody from the county line down knows that I am Kevin’s woman and off limits. One thing for sure and two for certain he did not play the radio about me.

“Don’t Joy me. You told me y’all were on the way 15 minutes ago. While you are trying to be next top model, I am sitting here drinking Shirley Temples looking like I don’t have no friends”. I pouted

“But you love me. Let me rest my head on your big ass titties. That pregnancy got you looking something like bae. They sitting up right in that maxi boo.” her crazy ass said rubbing her hands and licking her lips.

“Get off me. I don’t know where your mouth has been”.

“I ain’t the one you need to be worried about” she muttered before trying to get the bartender’s attention.

The look on Sinclair’s face made me almost spit out my drink.

“What the fuck is she talking about?”

With a low voice, Sinclair said “David’s been cheating on me”.

“And that nigga gave her ass mother fucking Chlamydia with his dirty dick having ass.” Toni yelled over her shoulder, taking both her and Sinclair’s Patron shots to the head.

“Really Toni?” Sinclair snapped. Toni shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m not lying so don’t be mad at me.” She reasoned motioning for the bartender to bring another round of drinks.

“Oh hell nah. I’m calling your brother” I couldn’t believe that motherfucker gave my sister that nasty shit.

“Joy! No you can’t tell Kevin about this.” Sinclair said grabbing for my phone.

I looked at her like she had said the craziest thing that had ever been said in the history of man. “Oh  no ma’am. I am not keeping this from your brother. He ain’t going to kill me. . I am TELLING”. I clapped my hands after each of the last three words for effect.

“I am going to tell him tomorrow I promise. I just don’t want him to do anything crazy at my house. Please let me tell him myself.”

“Well ain’t this bout a bitch. This motherfucker is bold ass hell” Toni barked, putting her hair up in a bun. Instinctively, I put my hand on my .22 in my purse. My man made sure that I stayed in the gun range  so I was ready for whatever. Before I could even slide the safety off, Toni’s old Jackie Joyner Kersee ass was causing a commotion on the other side of the bar with Sinclair trying to stand in front of her.

Oh hell. Was that who I thought it was?

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