Chapter 2: Joy

“Mannnn I could have stayed my ass home. My nigga I didn’t even know you were back down in the bottom.” Kevin laughed as he surveyed the scene holstering his weapon.

Sinclair, Toni, and I looked at each other with confusion. Did he not see what the hell was going on? I put my hands on my hips ready to show my ass as Kevin smooth walked passed me like he didn’t see me. He walked over to the mystery man dapping him up. Pop, my man’s best friend, followed suit. Soon the three men were talking like there wasn’t a man unconscious and a girl hysterically trying to wake him up on the floor.

“So you don’t see me Kevin?” I said with a huff.

“Oh no I see all three of you damn Charlie’s Angels. I am trying to handle business and y’all cutting up. Take y’all asses to the house. Don’t stop for gas, don’t stop for food. Take your ass straight home. Got my fucking seed out here. You got me fucked up Joyce and sis looks like we need to have a long fucking talk.” he barked.

“Kev, Toni needs to go to the hospital.” Sinclair argued.

“I got her” the mystery man said matter of factly as if any of us knew who the hell he was. He reached down and picked Toni up, holding her for a second longer than necessary.

“Umm we don’t know you. You could be a whole serial killer.” Sinclair said while twisting up her face.

He laughed. Something about the way he laughed made me wonder how close to truth her statement really was. “You ready to go?” he spoke to Toni as if there was no question about who she was leaving with. He dapped up the guys and went outside to lean against his car.

Toni looked at Sinclair with the look of a misbehaving child. “I will call you if anything sis. I love you.” I had never seen her so quiet in my life. Sinclair just shook her head and took her car keys.

“That’s settled. Now Sinclair you can either take your ass back to Toni’s house or you can bring your ass to ours. Figure it out. We out of here in case somebody decided to call the law. Joy you better beat my ass home I know that.”

I wanted to say something slick but there wasn’t much I could say. Damn I was going have to do some cartwheels on his dick tonight to get out of this one. I walked over and gave Toni and Sinclair tight hugs and told them I would call them in the morning. Walking passed Kevin with a huff, I gave Pop a hug as well before sashaying my ass to my car. I would have spoken to Boogie but I didn’t fuck with him like that. He was too busy texting on his damn phone anyway. Something about him always sat wrong with me. I wasn’t sure what it was but it was something.

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