Chapter 3: Toni

I walked into the bathroom and for the first time I saw myself. Tears started streaming down my face. This motherfucker really did a number on me. This was a wild night but one thing gave me comfort. Even though I looked bad, after Sinclair and Damien fucked his ass up I knew David’s ass looked a whole lot worse.

I took off my clothes and started the shower. I looked around his cabinet and found a barely used Dove gofresh body wash. I felt a tinge of jealousy wondering whose it was but brushed that away. When I got into the shower and the water rushed over me, I felt my body release. I didn’t know how much stress I was holding inside. The hot water trickled down my body and I closed my eyes. I lathered my body with the soap and inhaled its scent. My mind wandered to that fine ass man in the other room. After I cleaned my body I felt a lot better. I turned off the water, took the towel off the counter and dried my body. I luckily had my Pink Chiffon lotion, so I was able to moisturize. Running my finger through my hair, I threw on the tank and boxers he gave me and went back into the kitchen.

“I swear only you could drag me out of bed. How are you going to make this up to me?” I heard a woman’s voice say with a playful attitude.

“You know you can get whatever you want so stop your shit”

“Yeah I know but still” she pouted.

This motherfucker. I walked in to see Damien and some woman I assume was the doctor. I couldn’t even hate. She was very cute. Not as cute as me but I have never been a hater. Her dark skin glowed even though I could tell she didn’t have on any makeup. She had her kinky hair up in an afro puff. And there was no denying her banging body even underneath her tank top and UM sweats. She was a baddie.

“Umm so I feel a lot better. If you can just give me the address I can have Sinclair come pick me up so you and Doc here can get better acquainted.”

They looked at each other and the bitch had the nerve to laugh.

“We are very well acquainted. Very very”

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