Chapter 3: Toni

“Monica stop”

“No Doc I mean Monica keep on going all night long if you can. All I need is the address so I can get home.” I said pulling out my phone from my purse.

“Toni sit down. I’m tired and I don’t have the energy for this. Monica stop fucking with her before I tell Mom about that tomboy looking bitch you don’t think we know you are screwing in Aventura.” Damien said cutting his eyes at her daring her to try him.

“First of all don’t call her a bitch. Second you all get on my nerves. Shit I hope you do stick around Toni because my nosy ass brothers won’t let me be great. Come on let’s get this over with so I can get back to bae” she said pulling out some gauze and other instruments from her bag. She motioned for me to sit at the dining room table.

Not even looking at me, Damien excused himself and headed to the back where I guess his master bedroom was..

After she shined some lights in my eyes and prodded my face a dozen different ways she finally spoke, “You are going to be just fine. Luckily your nose isn’t broken but you are going to have some swelling. You have been coherent and he tells me there has been no vomiting so I don’t think it is a concussion. I am going to give you something now and leave some medication for later to stop any inflammation. If you need anything let D know. This asshole will have no problem waking me up and having me drive to the boonies. Actually better yet, you can call me personally if you need me Beautiful.” she said with a lingering look as she gathered her things. I didn’t really fuck with girls but I can see she was definitely a problem for the ladies.

“Monica take your ass on. Here” Damien said pushing an envelope of money into her hand and walking her to the door.

“Alright love you bruh.” she said hugging him. “I can make you love me too” she yelled over her shoulder as she turned to wink at me.

As he locked the door behind her I didn’t know what to do. I don’t know what it is about this man that is making me speechless. His body was still damp from his shower and he had the nerve to only have on basketball shorts that clinged to his thighs.  I need to get the hell out of here…

“You ready to lay it down?”

“Oh so you think I am just going to sleep with you, Damien? Just like that?” I said sucking my teeth.


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