Chapter 3: Toni

Well damn. I knew I should have taken my ass home.

“Can I have a drink please?” I asked needing some liquid courage.


I jerked my head so quick, if I didn’t have a concussion before I damn sure had whiplash now.

“Don’t look at me like that. You just took that medicine, what would I look like giving you alcohol on top of that? If you can only fuck with me drunk, then why don’t you just take the guest room next to the bathroom you used. I will take you home in the morning. I just need to relax a minute.” he said sitting on the couch rubbing his hands over his face.

It was then that I noticed him doing a very slight flinch before stretching to grab a swisher and a bag of weed. I didn’t even think that he might be sore from the hundred punches he landed on David earlier. Without a word, I went over and sat next to him on the couch taking the weed and cigar from his hands. I didn’t smoke very much, but I did know the art of rolling a good blunt.

“Don’t be messing my shit up” he said leaning back into the couch letting his eyes drop low. Two minutes later I took the lighter off his coffee table and checked out my handiwork. I took a nice pull and let the smoke fill my lungs. As I exhaled, I got up and straddled his big legs placing the blunt between his lips. He took a pull and smiled in approval at my blunt making skills. I lightly bit my lip and blushed like a kid getting an A.

Just like when we were in the car, I became mesmerized watching his lips hit the blunt. I tried to get out of his lap but he held me in place with his hand around my waist. Being this close to him I felt my pussy getting wet and my breathing slowing down. My heartbeat quickened as my pussy began to throb. I closed my eyes to regroup. I could feel him lifting my body up slightly and then sliding my shorts to the side. He began rubbing my dripping wetness with one hand and holding my back in place with the other. I couldn’t take it. I yanked the tank top over my head and threw my head back. I wanted to feel his hands all over my body.

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