Chapter 3: Toni

He rose off the couch slightly to put his blunt in the ashtray while still holding me securely in his lap. He sat back down taking my breast in his mouth. I moaned lowly as he alternated between sucking my breast hard and gently biting on my nipples. I could feel him getting hard under me as I rubbed my pussy against his fingers. When he slipped his two fingers in I jerked at the little bit of discomfort. He stared at me in the eyes with confusion. I looked away and bit my lip again. Yes for all the trash I talked I hadn’t actually been with a man for two years. After slowly moving his fingers around trying to loosen me up, he pulled them out of my pussy and put them in my mouth. I sucked my juices off of them as his eyes never left mine.

“Are you ready to lay down?” I asked while standing up, stepping out of the shorts he gave me. I stood there completely naked. I know the bruises were starting to show but Damien just looked at me as if I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He took my hand and led me to his bedroom. He didn’t even turn on the lights as he laid me down on the bed. He went back to kissing my nipples as I moaned softly. He began to travel down my body, kissing my stomach.

“Damn you smell so good” he murmured

I wanted to grab him and pull him inside of me but he held my arms to my side, gently but firm. Even in the dark I could feel him watching me as he kissed my thighs. Shockwaves went up my body as he lightly brushed his tongue against my pussy lips. I held my breath and swallowed hard in anticipation.

“You got to relax ma. Breathe”

As soon as I took a deep breathe, he released one of my arms. He pushed my lips open and started sucking and licking on my clit.  I tried to widen my legs and push his head deeper inside with my free hand. He moved my hand and hummed the word Stop. As I twisted my pussy all over those pink lips, my back arched raising off the bed. He put his fingers back in, fucking me while he tongue kissed my clit. I felt my body starting to shake. I tried to push his head away but he held my waist tight and I couldn’t help but fuck his face.

“Oh shit. Please just fuck me. Please.” I moaned as I felt my juices erupt all over his mouth. I.tried to move myself up on the bed but I couldn’t move. He gently picked me up and placed me down. I heard him get up and I heard rumbling in the hall. He came back into the room turning on the lamp placing a water bottle and two advil on the side of the bed.

As he took off his boxer shorts and I saw all of his body, I laid there nervous as hell. His dick was almost to his damn knee. He climbed in bed and all I could do was close my eyes and try to remember to breathe.

“Look at me” he said as he slid the tip of his dick up and down my already wet and throbbing clit.

“Ma this is going to hurt. The way your pussy was gripping my fingers this might hurt a whole lot at first but you gotta trust me.” he said looking at me deep in the eye as he started to push in between my lips. I nodded my head.

When he finally slid inside of me, I gasped. My body tensed up as I tried to block out the pain. When I forced my eyes open I could see Damien looking at me with concern as he stopped to let me adjust to his size. The look on his face made me relax and I slowly began to grind my hips and widen my legs. I bit my lip as I heard him suck in air and let out a moan. Something about his moan made my pussy start to cream even more. He lifted my legs and looked down watching himself push in and pull out. He was hitting me in spots I didn’t even know I had, changing his pace in tune with my reactions. I felt my body about to erupt again.I looked at Damien in alarm as I tried to hold it in.

“Let that shit go” Damien said picking up his pace and pumping into me faster and deeper. I couldn’t control myself anymore as I burst all over his dick.

“Now me fuck you like you mean it” I commanded as I locked my legs around his waist.

“Nah ma if you want it show me.” he said rolling me over on him. His voice sending another quiver down my body.

I rode his dick like my life depended on it. By the time he came, I collapsed into his chest. My head was spinning. He kissed me on the forehead and lifted me off of him. He handed me the bottle of water and the aspirin. I guess he knew how deadly his dick was. I took the pills and handed him the half empty water bottle. Two seconds later I was asleep. I do remember feeling him wiping me off with a wet washcloth but that honestly could have been a dream

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