Chapter 4: Damien

Halfway through the silent ass ride, I noticed Toni’s cute ass fell asleep again. I don’t know what it is about watching her sleeping that puts a calm over me. I took her hand in mine for the rest of the drive. When we finally pulled up to her crib, I gently shook her awake. Even though she was still in the hood I could tell she took care in her place. The paint looked fresh and the grass was nicely cut. Upon opening her eyes she gave me a beautiful smile, that turned right into a scowl.

“Goodbye Damian. Thank you for the thing with David. I know we didn’t use a condom last night but I am clean. I will go get the plan B pill after breakfast so you have nothing to worry about.” she said with a look of sadness hidden behind her anger. Before I could say another word, she got out the car and walked up to Money K’s sister who was waiting for her in the doorway. I could see Toni give her a hug. I couldn’t tell for sure but it looked like she was crying.

I don’t know what the fuck was up with her but I didn’t have time to figure it out right now. It was time for business, I would deal with her later.

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