Chapter 4: Damien

When I pulled up to the car wash, I already saw my brother’s Range Rover sport parked next to the G-wagon that I saw the night before at Fox. Come to think of it I might as well get my shit detailed. I threw my keys to one of the youngsters, after making sure my glove compartment was locked tight. I knew no one would fuck with my shit but being complacent gets you popped.

“Yo tighten my shit up little homie”

“You already know D! Boss man is in the back.”

Dapping up, Marco the manager, I headed straight through the lobby to the back office. I satook a look around and saw my dude was doing big things. I must hand it to K, he kept him some nice side businesses. I put most of my money into real estate but I liked how he moved his money around locally. He had gotten this spot for the humble from one of those ex basketball playing niggas from the Heat. It was a good look because every car in the parking lot was sitting big. Anyone with a little money and a nice whip brought their shit to the K Wash.

“Can I help you… with anything?”

I looked over to see a fine ass broad standing behind the reception desk. I almost didn’t see her. She was only about 5’2 but her body was looking right in those tight ass shorts and blinged out shirt that said K Wash on it. I hit her with a quick smile.

“Nah ma I’m good. I might holler at you on the way out”

“I’ll be right here waiting” she said licking her lips.

“I know.”

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