Chapter 4: Damien

Marjorie was the definition of a queen in the hood. She and Pop had been together forever. She held him down and no other dude could even pretend they had her interest. She not only took care of Pop but all of us. She had the keys to the Kingdom, our major chill spot. She made sure we always had food in there and used to be our nurse before Doc finished school. Once she was diagnosed, he let the game go to take care of her. His money was long as fuck anyway and he said he didn’t have the heart for it. He had specialists come from all over the country to see what could be done. After months of let downs she told him she didn’t want anymore tests. He bought a place in the Keys since she liked the beach. He started taking care of her the best way he could, one of which with learning how to make all her favorite dishes.

After she died a year later, he kept cooking. He opened a small restaurant in her honor called Marjorie’s. On the strength of his name alone, the waiting list was two months long before it even opened. One night one of those basketball wives came in and raved about it on Instagram. The rest was history. Marjorie’s on the Bay is now opening in Bal Harbour and Pop is catering events for ballers all over the country. The fact that he was here now meant whatever was happening was going to make major waves.

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