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Kristi K is a part-time blogger and full-time lezzie. Born, bred and cultivated in Miami, you can usually find her peeking out her window for Amazon packages or in an airplane waiting area headed to somewhere fabulous (with an app full of Groupon vouchers).

New Blog Category – :60 Second KWord Shorts

I am adding a new blog category :60 Second KWord Shorts. Where I put my :60 second spin on things I find online, people that I want to introduce… and if you are very unlucky my :60 second musings.

If you have anything that you that is worth a minute of my readers time… let me know. Hit me up on @kristiweb with hashtag #thekword

Going the Distance : e-Long Distance Relationships

Two posts in one week… yep I am on a roll. Now no this isn’t a relationship blog but yes this post is influenced by my uber long distance (10 states away) relationship with UNO.

And since I am the star of my own life I am channeling the movie poster for Going the Distance . It’s a simple enough movie… Boy meets Girl. Girl lives across country. Let’s see if we can make it work…. How cute *gag*

Though it is a funny movie, I think surviving long distance relationships takes more than a sense of humor. It takes a lot of work, money, and imagination. So here are a few tips I learned in my trials and tribulations with UNO… some comments from my twitter followers… and whatever else comes to my mind.
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Kristiweb vs. the World: The Battle of the Exes

Yes I am writing again… are we excited? I am changing the format of the blog a little bit… you should be able to see the changes soon.

Now what prompted my blog re-emergence… my relationship (of course) and my desire to keep it without having to show my ass.

I guess I am taking for granted that you all have seen Scott Pilgrim vs the World [trailer]  which is not really fair… basically it is  about a guy that meets the girl of his dreams but in order to date her, he has to defeat her 7 evil exes. Now please don’t believe that this is endorsement blog post though I loved it) I just wanted to give you a little background.

Sidenote: Any movie that has “the l word” “lesbian” and “lesbians” in its 2 minute trailer can not be all bad… #imjustsaying.

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“Leaving Me For Who?” @kristiweb Followers’ Question – 08.19.2010

**FOLLOWERS** – Does being cheated on with some1 of a dif sexual orientation make it better/worse? (ex. Homo w/a Hetero Hetero w/a Homo)

Cheating sucks…. okay let me rephrase that… Catching someone cheating on you sucks. Aside from the obvious homicidal ones…. if I catch you cheating on me my first thoughts are

(a) you didn’t care enough about me to hide your dirty dealings and/or

(b) I fell for someone so stupid that they got caught…  and/or

(c) you cheated on me with someone so out of control that they made their presence known.

All of which makes my decision to make you my main squeeze the wrong one.

I mean yes love and honesty and all those feelings you find in Hallmark cards should keep you faithful… but chile please. *shrugs*

Okay now the part about the opposite sexual orientation… mmm…. I love how different groups feel different ways.

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