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Bits and Pieces from all over the web that I want to share or thoughts and statements I want to make. All that should take less than :60 seconds to read.

:60 Second Shorts – Why @antoniacarter was the “non-MFin factor” yesterday

Now I am not going to take up much time this morning rehashing what Antonia Carter of “Tiny and Toya” fame (and yes I use that term loosely) tweeted yesterday about it being sad to see gay people under the age of 18, for several reasons. Mostly because a) she deleted the damn post, which doesn’t mean she didn’t mean it, but only that her cowardice got the best of her and b) I don’t really entertain commentary on the state of the world from anyone whose sole claim to fame is capitalizing off of Lil Wayne’s hyperactive sperm.

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:60 Second Shorts – Getting my Love Jones On (#LGTBside Style)

So last night I went out to support South Florida-based 6 Flavas‘ poetry event. From what I know they do monthly mixers of sorts which I think is pretty cool. A friend of mine is one their organizers (follow her @dearjay_) so I was glad that I could finally make it to one of their events.

Y’all know I am always on the search for events that represent the #LGTBSide, plus one of my favorite spoken word artists and old-school crushes, Grammy nominated, Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns was the feature, so I was all in. Score!

I don’t know what I expected but I definitely learned a lot last night… a lot.

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:60 Second Shorts – Welcome to the #LGTBside

Ok so this might actually be my first time doing a :60 second short that takes :60 seconds lol.

With a nod to Ingrid B (one of my favorite Miami promoters) of the BSide. I am going to introduce the hashtag #LGTBside to my repertoire and I hope you will use it as well (or actually I hope you have the opportunity to use it).

This is for all the events (or music or WHATEVER) that are not the norm, (ie don’t have naked women on their 3×5 flyer) geared to and supporting the LGBT community.

I know a lot of you are too young to know what the Bside of a record was, but it was the song placed on the “other side” of a double-sided record. It was often the music that promoters/record companies were afraid wouldn’t appeal to the mainstream culture (even if it were superior).

Now again, I’m not a promoter (it’s been a looong looong time since my old party promoting days) but I like to share good stuff. And I have been lucky enough that I have been exposed to some good stuff recently… so yeah laissez le bon temps roulez (yes my Rosetta Stone French is paying off)

:60 Second Shorts: Ebony mag features a “lesbian” couple on their Hot Couples list

So it is the month of love and Ebony has decided to include a “lesbian” (a term that I think should be replaced with “something-like-a-lesbian”) couple in their Hot Couples in 2011 article. Now at first when my girl RL told me about the article I was like “Go head Ebony” with a big smile… but trust me that smile turned into a side-eye as I read exactly what was going as a “lesbian hot couple” nowadays.
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:60 Second Shorts – New Black Gay Reality Show ‘Tha Life Atlanta’

We all now that Atlanta has long been hailed as the mecca for black gay men (with D.C. a close second).

Well now Princess Banton-Lofters (responsible for Real Housewives of Atlanta ) is bringing us ‘Tha Life Atlanta’, a new reality show following the lives of five openly gay black men living in Atlanta.

I am sure we will here more about who these gents are soon, but per Jason Dinsmore of BE Entertained:

“They all come from different walks of life including Dr.’s, dancers, and professional clubbers, but the one thing that they all have in common (BEsides BEing gay males) is that they are all extra FAB!!!”

I will be tuning in! Will you?
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:60 Second Kword Shorts – #LGBTPioneers

If you follow me on twitter then you are already aware of my new twitter campaign. I was tired of condemning the stereotypes LGBT community share via social media without trying to use my platform to share some good examples that the modern member of the gay community can emulate.

Here are the first 10:

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