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Bits and Pieces from all over the web that I want to share or thoughts and statements I want to make. All that should take less than :60 seconds to read.

:60 Second Kword Shorts – Da Real Deal with Da’Realest 1

You all know I have iffy opinions of many lesbian podcast shows, so when my girl Lee Lee of the “YOU GOT TO GET TESTED IF YOU WANT TO GET TASTED” shirts, asked me to check out her guest host debut, I was a bit wary. There is only so much “How to Strap a Stud” videos that I can watch… but UNO was working on something (and not paying me any attention) so I decided to tune in.

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:60 Second K Word Shorts : Murder over .07 cents

This is definitely worth more than :60 seconds, but as I don’t have all the info, I am going to do a short post.

Last week a young man, Akil Larue Oliver, from South Miami was murdered (about 5 minutes from my house) at the Quick Stop convenience store. Now the story is still revealing itself, but from most accounts, there was a verbal argument between Larue  and the convenience store clerks over being .07 cents short buying a box of cigarettes.

Name calling and loud talking commenced. Now what the final words were I don’t know, but the two convenience store clerks proceeded to attack him first with a bottle and then with a crowbar. He died of his injuries outside in the parking lot while his son sat watching in the car.

One clerk was subsequently charged with aggravated battery (and is out of bond), while the other was charged with second degree murder.

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New Blog Category – :60 Second KWord Shorts

I am adding a new blog category :60 Second KWord Shorts. Where I put my :60 second spin on things I find online, people that I want to introduce… and if you are very unlucky my :60 second musings.

If you have anything that you that is worth a minute of my readers time… let me know. Hit me up on @kristiweb with hashtag #thekword