I Don’t Want to Be a Hashtag…

So I am sitting here in Starbucks illegally downloading movies on piratebay enjoying my iced coconut milk il_570xN.1051635703_ahhqcaramel macchiato this fine Sunday morning and felt a crazy wave of frustration come over me. If you are my FB friend you have seen spurts of these in the last month… they are usually 4 sentence long with some form of witty wordplay to protect my non-POC friends from being uncomfortable.

Because you know making non-POC people feel comfortable is the responsibility  of every “good black person” to combat the scariness of those angry radical ones… 

Sigh…. I am angry. I am still angry. I am angry that a week ago (the night after the Dallas shooting) I was in genuine fear for my life.  Continue reading

Why I Need to Unfollow The National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce on Facebook

Now this is one of those blog posts that I have to think about before publishing. I talk to myself about it, I question myself about it, and hopefully I click publish in the end.

I overthink posts like this because I know what I am going to discuss can be as sensitive for you the reader as myself the writer. And deep down I don’t want the amazing non black queer people I know to think that this is about them… unless it is.


With that being said I need to unfollow the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce on Facebook.

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Can Lesbians be Church Queens — or Am I a Church Queen?


Yes an “on the way to church” selfie.

Don’t roll your eyes. I am really need to know about this. Because I am feeling some kind of way…1.

I am pretty sure y’all know what church queens are (or can guess). It is a gay (often closeted) man in the church who sighs heavily and sucks their teeth when they see a more flamboyant gay man walk down the aisle at altar call. If you are trying to spot him, he can usually be seen sporting a pastel polkadot bow tie with matching pocket square (no shade).2

Okay so by virtue of my own definition, I can’t be a church queen. But I still feel some kind of way… Let me tell you why. Continue reading

Why I Will Be That Old Lesbian in the Back of the Bar… And Other Revelations

unnamed (1)Last night I had an epiphany… well maybe not last night because I have been telling Abby DC about this for about a year. I have resolved to be that old lesbian in the back of the bar drinking whisky from my snifter and looking atthe young and tenders over the rim of my glass. Why? Because I don’t think I will ever fall in love… better yet stay in love. Continue reading

I Hate Lesbian Porn

No I REALLY hate lesbian porn and do you want to know why?

Of course you do or you wouldn’t have clicked on the link…

Before I go into this, I am about to tell you some “none of your business” information about me. See what had happened was…  I am one of those people that have to be dead tired to fall asleep. I can’t count sheep or any of that foolishness. Trust me I’ve tried. Tonight, case in point, I have been trying to fall asleep for the last hour which is what led me to this post. There is only one sure fire way for me to sleep…. Continue reading