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Something Like A Super Lesbian: @Martina Navratilova

Martina-Navratilova-1978-WimbledonBefore there was a Jason Collins…. Before there was a Britney Griner… there was our newest inductee to the League of Extraordinary Lesbians, and one of the best tennis players of all time, Martina Navratilova.

Navratilova dominated Women’s professional tennis for over a decade. She’s won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, 31 major women’s doubles titles (an all-time record), and 10 major mixed doubles titles. I could go on and on about her titles and accomplishments but that’s what Wikipedia is for. But it’s pretty safe to say she meets the criteria of an athlete [check].

Martina came out publicly as a lesbian back in 1981…. yes 1981. Let’s put this in perspective, in 1981 Jason Collins was sitting in diapers, and Britney… Well Britney wasn’t even a twinkle her father’s eye.

Did I mention she even dated another 80s celezbrity Rita Mae Brown (yes the one who wrote Rubyfruit Jungle)? That’s pretty gay to us [check check].

1_1328753439_1328753447_640x640Martina, you might not be a super lesbian but you are definitely something like it… from your dominance on the court and your fearlessness in your convictions you have been a shining example for professional athletes for over 30 years.

For more on Martina Navratilova:

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Great job from The Kword, Liz Carmouche! @iamgirlrilla


Kudos to SLSL Liz Carmouche! Though she lost to Ronda Rousey late in the first round of their UFC bantamweight fight on Saturday, she has definitely made her mark. Rousey was the heavy favorite going into the UFC’s first female fight, but Carmouche almost choked her out early in the fight and all reports say both women put on quite a show.

“I gave 100% tonight. Thank you for your support! I shall return. #lizbosm,” Carmouche  to her fans afterwards.

And how can we not LOVE her rainbow mouthpiece?  Stand loud and proud, we got your back!

For more on Liz, check out her Something Like a Super Lesbian feature from last month here.

:60 Second Shorts – Maybe she is a superlesbian – Ashley Broadway

For those of you that read about Ashley Broadway earlier this week, it seems that her superpowers are a bit stronger than we thought.

Not only was she admitted to the Assn. of Bragg Officers’ Spouses after all (which we all kind of knew was going to happen)…Military Spouse Magazine named her Ft. Bragg’s 2013 “Military Spouse of the Year.”

Run tell that.

The Lesbian Last Supper? See This Right Here…

The Lesbian Last Supper. Source:
The Lesbian Last Supper. Source:


I tried to ignore this… I really did.

Jim Henson Studios
Mona Pigga. 1986
acrylic on fiberboard
Kermitage Collection
(Corbis, Leonardo da Vinci, cd-rom)
Alternate title: Mona moi

This was not part of the [insert lesbian equivalent to Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech].

For those who haven’t seen it, this is artist Browyn Lundberg’s interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”, starring prominent lesbian figures. Those with the VIP seating include Ellen Degeneres, Heather Matarazzo, Jane Lynch,K.D. Lang, Kate Moennig (as Shane from the L Word), Lily Tomlin, Linda Perry, Melissa Etheridge,Portia de Rossi, Rachel Maddow, Rosie O’Donnell, Sandra Bernhard, and Wanda Sykes.

I don’t exactly know why, but I feel some kind of way about this. I knoooooooow that the original painting is only a painting. I knoooooooow that technically this is the equivalent of Miss Piggy as Mona Lisa BUT I just can’t cosign on it. Continue reading The Lesbian Last Supper? See This Right Here…

Wait What?: Sperm Donor Being Sued for Child Support by Kansas DCF

I have to say that I first read about this while perusing one of my GUILTIEST of guilty pleasures I wanted to actually discuss the post when I saw it on there but I a) refuse to request a logon b) am not saved enough to have conversations with  some folks just yet. Anyway here is the long and short of it (no pun intended really)…

Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner
Source: CJ Online – Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner of Topeka, KS

Back in March of 2009, William Marotta responded to an ad Angela Bauer and now former partner, Jennifer Schreiner placed on Craigslist looking for a sperm donor. A few mouse clicks and a handshake later, Schreiner was inseminated with Marotta’s sperm. At the time Marotta relinquished all of his rights and responsibilities for the child.

I am so glad you got passed the Craigslist part and kept reading! Kudos to you!

Now fast forward three years later… Due to a health issue, Bauer has been unable to work as of March 2012.  Schriener went to the state to get health insurance for their child. It was there that DCF requested the name of the father/sperm donor and Schreiner caved told them about Marotta.

Now here is where it gets interesting … more interesting…

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Say What?: Pretty Black Women Don’t Have Lesbian Flings

*blink* *blink*

Now usually I let sleeping dogs lie, and lying broads sleep but this is one of those moments where I was like “Please don’t let her be from Florida”… much like when naked men are eating faces on the side of the road… but I digress.

Some of you have already heard about the recent “scandal” surrounding Fl.  Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer Carroll. For those who haven’t, long story short,  Carroll’s former staffer accuses that she was fired because she found out about Carroll’s affair with a female aide.
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KWord Approved: Would Twitter Have Saved Wanda Jean?

I am sitting here extremely overwhelmed right now after watching the documentary  “The Execution of Wanda Jean”. For those who have never heard or seen it, this is a real life look at how race, sexuality, and mental health are still playing a role in the American justice system . We are introduced to Wanda Jean Allen, an African-American lesbian whose low IQ bordered retardation, who was on death row for murdering her live-in partner Gloria Leathers.

I am so conflicted about this film… this case… this woman… that I am almost at a loss for words. She shot and killed her partner who was leaving her. She had shot and killed another woman who tried to leave before. My black and white mind is telling me that she should die. But once you see the story unfold  you feel your emotions go on a roller coaster ride that still shakes you up well after it is over.

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