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Keep Your Dollar: Give Me Your Ear – 2012 AIDSWalk Miami

Okay so I already told you all that I am going to get my Superlesbian on and walk in the 5K Aids Walk Miami this year. Go me! (… as long as I don’t pass out that is.)

Whether you make it rain (or drizzle) on my goal or not I want you to know some facts that I recently learned about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Florida.

Thanks to Joe from Care Resource  for reminding me of some things I did know and hipping me to some that I didn’t.

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Gimme a Dollar! – 24th Annual AIDS Walk Miami

ImageOk so I’m trying to put my money… and my sneakers where my mouth is. On the 22nd I’m going to do a 5K walk/run benefitting Care Resource, a primary medical care provider for the LGBTQ community of South Florida.

This is my first walk/run ever so ummm yeah I’m a bit nervous. That plus the fact that I didn’t readily realize 5K is 3 miles in change when I signed up. (Damn Metric System and Public School Education)…

All the money raised will help provide services to over 9,000 of our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors affected/infected with HIV/AIDS in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties. This annual fundraiser also serves as a vital vehicle to raise awareness and funds to combat the effect HIV/AIDS continues to have on the South Florida region.

Thank you in advance for joining in the fight with me. Soooo… yeah Give me a Dollar… or 5… yeah let’s say at least 5. *side eye*

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Care Resource.

K-Word Approved: Trantasia

 As many of you lovebugs know I am obsessed with Latrice Royale of RuPaul’s Drag Race. So when I came across this documentary called “Trantasia” I was all in… that was after I was sure it wasn’t some freaky deeky anime Disney Fantasia porn (don’t act like I am the only one who thought that).

This documentary takes a look at six contenstants in the world’s first ever Most Beautiful Transexual pageant. Released back in 2007, it was definitely a trailblazing effort. Now granted it doesn’t have all the juicy catfighting of Untucked but it does give you the “believe in yourself”, “love yourself”, “be yourself” warm fuzzy feeling that any good LGBT flick must have.

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Coming Out Redux… A Holiday Story

Yeah so I had to come out again since it appears the first time didn’t take… *side eye*

Now keep in mind my mom has spoken to exes, heard me talk about them when they got on my nerves and even made the comment “Well I guess the money I was saving for your wedding can go to something else” *double side eye*

Kristi the Lesbian was not some stranger or a closet case, so when I told her THE GIRLFRIEND was coming by after Thanksgiving I didn’t expect much of a conversation. She said ok. She actually bought some things so that we would be comfortable if she stayed over… in one bed. When THE GIRLFRIEND came in town we went to dinner together, we laughed and joked, my mom even invited her to her 65th birthday weekend in the mountains… where we would again share one bed. All was happy in the Kristiweb family…. until the day before Christmas.
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I’m baaaaaack

Ok so I haven’t really gone anywhere but I was on a self imposed social networking hiatus for the last two months. It was full of reflection so I thought I would share. And no I am not turning into a lezzie yogi so you can stop rolling your eyes…

1) Bros before Hoes should have been in the Ten Commandments… Okay maybe that came out a little more blasphemous than I meant it to but… it is definitely stone tablet worthy. I don’t know when that cardinal rule became up for discussion but umm not so much. Maybe I hold people I consider friends to a higher standard than they deserve. Maybe it’s because Kristi don’t love these hoes. But whatever the reason, there is just certain sh*t we don’t do. If you have to ask… Houston we have a problem.

2) Behind every good woman is a dumb ex girlfriend who wishes they hadn’t screwed things up…. I would comment more but… That pretty much said it all.

3) Don’t treat dating like busy work. You know how when you were in school the teacher would give you stacks of busy work to keep you occupied between lessons. I have been notorious for dating (if that’s what you call it) women that I wasn’t really interested in to keep myself busy between real relationships. I almost missed out on the woman of my dreams (who is now the woman of my reality) because I had my nose down working feverishly on my busy work. No bueno…

Wait… *looks around* Not to say that what is busy work to one person isn’t a doctoral thesis to others. *pause* Did that clean up what I meant to say… *side eye* Because I was reallllly trying to clean it up. *shrugs*

4) If people (especially around the holidays) start the whole diatribe that being a homosexual is against God and you sit there looking crazy like you don’t know what to say I want you to BOTH have a seat… and pick up a bible. I am so sick of people thinking they can talk all out of the side of their mouths about lesbians because not enough lesbians know how to stand up for themselves and their community. Lovebugs there is more to being a lesbian than eating pussy. And yes that is unfair but… It is what it is.

Damn I always like to have multiples of fives if I am listing things um….

5) The best sex results in bruises….

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Happy National Coming Out Day… Give me a Break

Yes this is another one of those posts that won’t win me any Lesbian of the Year awards… but here we go.

Yesterday as I was doing my daily twitter perusal (oh yeah Follow Me) I saw a new trending topic on twitter that made my eyebrow raise. Happy National Coming Out Day

*blink* *blink* really Happy National Coming Out Day.. are you serious?

My single tweet from yesterday pretty much sums up my feelings about it, and if you think I have a little bit more explaining to do after you can always read more…

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Dyke Club: The Other “Secret Society”

As my followers can attest to and my readers as well I have been slacking on my kword for the last couple of weeks or so. (If you didn’t miss me… screw you *big smile*) Aside from working on some family thaaangs, and trying to learn a thing or two, there is another major reason for my absence. I have recently become inducted in a very important secret society called…

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