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:60 Second Shorts – Getting my Love Jones On (#LGTBside Style)

So last night I went out to support South Florida-based 6 Flavas‘ poetry event. From what I know they do monthly mixers of sorts which I think is pretty cool. A friend of mine is one their organizers (follow her @dearjay_) so I was glad that I could finally make it to one of their events.

Y’all know I am always on the search for events that represent the #LGTBSide, plus one of my favorite spoken word artists and old-school crushes, Grammy nominated, Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns was the feature, so I was all in. Score!

I don’t know what I expected but I definitely learned a lot last night… a lot.

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:60 Second Shorts – Welcome to the #LGTBside

Ok so this might actually be my first time doing a :60 second short that takes :60 seconds lol.

With a nod to Ingrid B (one of my favorite Miami promoters) of the BSide. I am going to introduce the hashtag #LGTBside to my repertoire and I hope you will use it as well (or actually I hope you have the opportunity to use it).

This is for all the events (or music or WHATEVER) that are not the norm, (ie don’t have naked women on their 3×5 flyer) geared to and supporting the LGBT community.

I know a lot of you are too young to know what the Bside of a record was, but it was the song placed on the “other side” of a double-sided record. It was often the music that promoters/record companies were afraid wouldn’t appeal to the mainstream culture (even if it were superior).

Now again, I’m not a promoter (it’s been a looong looong time since my old party promoting days) but I like to share good stuff. And I have been lucky enough that I have been exposed to some good stuff recently… so yeah laissez le bon temps roulez (yes my Rosetta Stone French is paying off)