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Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – Theaster Gates Reception at @LocustProjects

photo-22Ok. Ok. Ok. I should have written this post two days ago… but the awesomeness that was that night rendered me physically incapable to express myself… read:I ain’t feel like it. *shrugs*. I had a really good Basel part 3 (and in retrospect my last good Basel night) in 2 stages.

After stopping by the Red Dot Air Fair to say hello to Lisa (and take a sip or 2 of  Garden Lemonade) we decided to find the Black Art in America Media Mixer (@doyoubasel)…. until we couldn’t find it. I actually still have no idea where it was. But as they say all good things happen to those who wait, or in my case, should have taken a better look at the Google maps, but let’s not split hairs.

As we roamed around Wynwood in search of the elusive mixer, we ended up behind a group of lovely Buppies and Bohos heading to a gallery which seemed to be a hub for beautiful bohemian folks. See Jesus did want me to mingle. Reny and I (oh yeah my partner in crime was in attendance) walked into the beautiful venue, Locust Projects, where we were introduced to the amazing work of Theaster Gates.

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Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – #GentlemanJackABL event Miami, FL


Soooo yeah I was supposed to write this yesterday….. but I was sleepy. And in reality I am really freaking sleepy right now too BUT I said I was going to write about my whole Basel experience. So here goes.

Tuesday was greeeeeeat. On the schedule was the Gentlemen Jack (@jdxus)-Art+Beats+Lyrics event. I linked up with my girl Mila who I haven’t seen in ages and she brought a group of her friends as well. You all know I am not a real people person but they were all really nice. [pause] Oh before I forget shout out to @msingridb for the info on this FREE splendiforous event. If you are into the neo-soul scene, follow her. Link up with her and check out the Bohemia Room which is the must attend for the grown and sexy, urban scene.

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Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – Red Dot Art Fair Miami,FL

Let me first say I have never been that person that talks about where they go and who they know and all that BS. Mostly because I don’t go, and don’t know nearly as many places and people, as my counterparts. Keep in mind I went to school with and have palled around with some real local movers and shakers that put my little social calendar to shame. So when one of my friends said that I should start blogging about my misadventures in Miami (since I have pretty much run out of gay-isms) I gave her a brief side-eye… So don’t expect any wave riding, bottle popping “I’m cool” posts…  more like a “I like to get in where I fit in”.

For those who do or do not know, Art Basel has invaded Miami this week. Art Basel is a big deal art show that they have once a year that peter-pipers a lot of people from across the country for a week of art, music and liquor. LOTS OF LIQUOR. I have a very lofty goal of attending an event every single night of Basel without breaking my bank. It may or may not happen but I am up for the challenge. I will be updating y’all every day with the events I attend and hopefully some good stories as I go along…

Tuesday – Red Dot Fair Miami Opening

photo (25)

First stop on my Art Basel tour was the Red Dot Art Fair opening night event.Reny (my Basel 2012 partner in crime) and I were given VIP passes by the lovely Lisa of the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce . No real reason to give them a plug other than the fact that they have donated over 1.4 million dollars to local LGBT initiatives in the Miami area. I have the pleasure of working with them this year on their annual Her Winter Party event but that’s a whole other post. Anyway muchos besos to Lisa for the hook up! We appreciate it.

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The Kword Turns 30… Ok Maybe Just the K did

So for those who did or did not know I turned 30 back on July 28th. It was a great time with new friends and old friends that I will remember for ever and ever A-men. I planned to write a big  blog post about things that I have learned by 30, but in reality there is way too much that I haven’t learned just yet. So I am hitting the blog ground running and have decided to blog until you guys tell me to shut up… or until you unsubscribe.

SN: Follow my eyes to the right side of the screen where you can e-subscribe to my blog posts… *big forced smile*… unless you are on mobile *bigger more forced smile*

So before we start this new journey into my 4th decade of life take a minute and look back at some of my ramblings over the years, while I work on my first new blog post called… “Reclaim the Dildo”.

Oh and the whole movie poster thing…. might just be a wrap. The old EX isn’t around anymore and I don’t have the time  (read: talent) to do it myself. Unlesssssss someone wants to be awesome and do them or something similar for me (Hit me up Also I am endeavoring to add a lot more of the 10 Things to Know About series so I can introduce to more of the movers and shakers of the LGBT community. So stay tuned.

Thanks for the b-day love!

-Muah (no tongue),


Oh and I will share this… I am so ethnocentric and culturally-oblivious that I didn’t even discern that the “K-Word” in most parts of the world is like the “N-Word” here… so ummm yeah… My baaaaad.

Yes I still blog…

Ok so obviously I have been slacking on my blogging recently. Please don’t think it’s because I don’t love y’all or because I don’t have anything to say. Mama has been busy honey.

For the last few months I have been working with the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce for Women’s Winter Party which was a HUGE success, (YAY!). I am also dipping my toe back into corporate America after two years of working FMBM. (Side note: Do people still wear FUBU? #NoTeaNoShade). In the last week or so I have gotten several “Are you still blogging” sideeyes from friends and foes alike so I am really going to get back on the ball.

One of my first blogs will be tackling the “urban” (I love that word) and not-so-urban lezzie scene in Miami. I am not a promoter and I don’t make any money from sharing these events so please know that whatever I share is straight from the K Word without filters. So until then just know I’m baaack, still black, and still enjoying the delicacy of the GF’s p*ssy… What too much?

Edit: Ok I lied… There are plenty of people that share the Miami nightlife with you… that actually attend the events they discuss. Check out @6Flavas_WM and @miamimollys depending on what side of the urban coin you want to land on.


…. untitled poem without a date on it.

Isn’t it funny how things change
Visions blur
Memories erase
Futures disappear
Stories are told that once were just ours

I never thought I would be here having to watch you
Smile at the sound of her voice
Blush at the feel of her touch
Relax into her embrace
Know love by another name than mine

But here I stand
No longer on bended knee
My arms surrounding another
My lips dripping with her taste
Moaning another name as i once did yours

Isn’t it funny…

Beat Your Face… don’t let it beat you. Makeup Looks for ATL Pride (Guest post by @aprilantoinette)

So by now y’all know I lied about going to ATL pride this year, but please believe I will be getting a report and hopefully some twitpics. I want you lovely lezzies to look your best, so I have enlisted the help of makeup artist to the stars  @AprilAntoinette of April Antoinette Beauty to give us some tips and some looks for everything from the pool to the party. Check out her post here.

Tweet me what you think  @kristiweb and stay tuned for fashion dos and donts from designer @ilkwhtshesaid.
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