SizzleHer Stripper… uhh Stud Competition

I soooo love iMovie and their corny trailer music

Alright lovebugs, I was “unable” to do a real review of Sweetheat Miami [read: I had too many libations] so I promised myself that I would stay “able” enough to tell you all the tea this time. Well… it was… cute. Ok now you know I have to tell it how it is, regardless of how much I want to lie… *deep sigh*
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Why Stripper Teachers Should Be Ugly

Let me first say… ouch…ouch… ouch and….ouch.

Okay so I literally just got home from my Pole Virgins class with @kellyewo and @shellyewo of Exotic Workouts and I am feeling some kind of way. Not because my arms are sore (which they are) and my thighs are tight (which they are)… but there is another reason I am never ever ever ever going back to that class…
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Ok so I have finally come up with a way to combine my love of graphic tees and my need to change up my blog image style. See for those who know (and those who will know if they keep reading) EX used to help me create my blog images — so no EX no blog images.

(And no this is not just an excuse to buy more t-shirts).

Stay tuned…

Oh and don’t you wish you ever gave someone the wrong phone number in the club. This is one of my favorites… but you have to be careful because if they repeat it aloud you might have some explaining to do. #BeenThereDoneThat

Almost Falling in Front of A Table Full of Fags is Never Fun

Now let me say this first and foremost, I will be using the word fag a million and three times during this post… and let me tell you why. Because he was wearing a shirt that said… “I am not gay, I am a FAG!”

So anyway… I went to a pool party yesterday off of Biscayne. I am not sure what I expected but it was … cool. I saw the baddest tranny (I always get my terms mixed up) ever. I almost fell in front of a table of fags. I somehow ended up in a fight between a girl and her ex (who she has a restraining order on). And then received a request from said ex while she was peeing in the dark… No really.

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