Pussy Sells… (My Turnout – Not A Brooklyn Love Story)

(Part 3 of 3)

Ok, now I must admit my “turn out” story does lean itself to the stereotype… I guess.

I was “in love” once… I swear it seems silly now, but at one time there wasn’t one thing I wouldn’t do for J-boi. See she was older, she was street, she was….broke. It wasn’t until I was too deep and too invested to quit her that I realized that I wasn’t in love with the J-boi of 2006, I was in love with the J-boi of 1996 when she was still hot.

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Pussy Sells… I Get it From My Mama

(Part 2 of 3)

My father was a hustler and my mother was a premium whore. Even in the 70s, Lady Jay could command 500 a lay. She was gorgeous. Her skin was so warm and smooth to the touch that some of her tricks began to call her China Jay. I would say she had a Foxy Brown in Coffee body, but that wouldn’t do her justice. Her waist was small and her hips so full that you would swear she was a prototype for sexual perfection.

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Dear Starbucks… I think I love you

I thought that this blog post would be about my GREAT night at the club with CJ but… seeing that I was overcome with the smell of weed and teenage girls doused in Country Apple from Bath and Body Works I have lost my inspiration.

So where am I? My new favorite spot. STARBUCKS…. I know I know everyone loves Starbucks but I still feel that it merits a blog posting so that is what I am doing.
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My Experience with Best Buy: A Tragedy in Three Parts (Part Three)

Part Three: We know we are to blame but… *shrugs*

Now the blame game starts…. Miami blames Ocala. Ocala says Miami should be able to fix it. I am still sitting there like my time is not valuable while they have an inventory full of my item that they KNOW they sold me one of but REFUSE to figure out how to give it to me.

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My Experience with Best Buy: A Tragedy in Three Parts (Part One)

Part One: Ocala is 6 hours away… you know that right?

Fast forward two hours….

“Hi, I am here to pickup my laptop.”

“Where is your paper?”

“…. Let me explain. My mother purchased the laptop in Ocala. I am just picking it up here.”

“You still need the paper they gave you.”

“… Well… like I was saying the laptop was purchased in Ocala… in the store so…umm the paper… is still there…”

“I understand but you have to have it…”

“Ocala is like ummm 6 hours away… so I don’t have it…” (I feel stupid at this point like maybe that I am saying doesn’t make sense)

In enters Best Buy Customer Samantha, “Did you look it up by her name?” She gives the first of what is to be a dozen “I am sorry they are stupid” faces.

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