The K Word is Back

This has been a year for me.

And I realized why it got me the way it did… because I didn’t have you all to talk to it about. So yep…. I’m back.

All K Word.

All the Time.

Well not all the time. I don’t want to lie to you all like that.


Until then lovebugs!

KWord Approved: Would Twitter Have Saved Wanda Jean?

I am sitting here extremely overwhelmed right now after watching the documentary  “The Execution of Wanda Jean”. For those who have never heard or seen it, this is a real life look at how race, sexuality, and mental health are still playing a role in the American justice system . We are introduced to Wanda Jean Allen, an African-American lesbian whose low IQ bordered retardation, who was on death row for murdering her live-in partner Gloria Leathers.

I am so conflicted about this film… this case… this woman… that I am almost at a loss for words. She shot and killed her partner who was leaving her. She had shot and killed another woman who tried to leave before. My black and white mind is telling me that she should die. But once you see the story unfold  you feel your emotions go on a roller coaster ride that still shakes you up well after it is over.

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