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:60 second shorts – A Day at the Zoo, Fela! *side eye* and Marriage

photo (16)Hello lovebugs! I feel like I haven’t written in a while and that’s no bueno.  Sorry I don’t have anything overtly lesbian to discuss…. other than yes I still sleep with women… I mean woman… one woman.  (I cleaned that up real quick).  I promise the next post will be dripping with Lip Service allusions and quotes from the Task Force press releases.

Sidenote: the full series of the L Word is back on netflix instant. Enjoy!

I must say I had an amazing time with my family and my girls this weekend. Saturday, my 9 to 5 had a company picnic at the local zoo chock full of lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! I got the chance to spend some QT with my niece and my grand nephews. Those boys right there… those boys right there. They are super cute in small doses.  I love them… BUT I can’t say I was sorry to see them go  home with their mother…. Does that make me a bad person? If nothing else, this weekend sure helped my biological clock stop ticking. I actually think it went stowaway in an old Delorean (that was definitely an age check statement…).

photo (15)Sunday afternoon, the girls and I checked out Fela! for a little Sunday Funday. We have been doing this more regularly which is very cool. I am happy and blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful WOC. We are all so completely different but somehow it works. Awwww.

Now about the show…. *sigh* I am slightly apprehensive about giving my opinion about the show… 3…2…1… ok I’m over that. I liked the show for the most part, the most part being the parts when Michelle Williams was not on the stage. *shrugs* I am not hating, nor I am throwing shade so you can hold that mule. Her disjointed movements and nasal voice really distracted me and affected my experience. Other than that…….. it was a very high energy and engaging production. I am really glad to have gone.

I would also like to take this time to be extremely happy for and congratulatory to two lovely ladies who got engaged over the week.  I really wish I could have made it to their engagement party but by the time I woke up from my post-zoo nap it was 10pm. I look forward to more opportunities to celebrate with them in the near future! But until then, CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS M and I!

photo (13)
Source: Instagram

Oh and am I the only one that didn’t know girl from Noah’s Arc was straight? Like just got married this weekend in Vegas straight? Like no sistas need apply straight? I mean…. Congratulations girl! Y’all look so cute! Wait, did I just out her? No right? o_O

Last but not least did I mention I am finally going back for my MBA. Yeah Yeah *insert your old dogs, new tricks comments here*

Ok ok maybe I did lez up the piece…. I can’t help it *shrugs*

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots Around Town: @HerWinterParty and @Pandoraevents present Industry

@PandoraEvents did it again! Industry, the Saturday night dance party of Her Winter Party 2013 was CRAZY! Lovely ladies, go-go dancers and a tight DJ set kept you moving all night. Official event photos and video are rolling out soon, but we have a sneak peak for you.

Yep, we got it like that…. well that and Crys J took them.

For more Her Winter Party pictures, check them out on Facebook here.

To keep up with the HOT Pandora events coming up, check them out here.

Shout out to DJ LaTrice for doing her thing!

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Gimme a Dollar! – 25th Annual AIDS Walk Miami


I’m back at it again this year!

I’m trying to put my money… and my sneakers where my mouth is. On the 28th, I’m going to do a 5K walk/run benefitting Care Resource, a primary medical care provider for the LGBTQ community of South Florida.

All the money raised will help provide services to over 9,000 of our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors affected/infected with HIV/AIDS in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties. This annual fundraiser also serves as a vital vehicle to raise awareness and funds to combat the effect HIV/AIDS continues to have on the South Florida region.

Thank you in advance for joining in the fight with me. Soooo… yeah Give me a Dollar… or 5… yeah let’s say at least 5. *side eye*

Please visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Care Resource.


I belieeeeeeeeeve Crys J. is also participating this year but I can neither confirm nor deny it!

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Girl Play (web series)

18215_490665014287850_85275415_nIt’s that time again, children. Yes! It’s time for the Super Gay Movie Review!

(INSERT Fireworks here.  Lol.)

Well, we’ve been promising some Girl Play for a few weeks now and I finally found it. Sadly, I was looking in the wrong places for the wrong thing, hunti, but fortunatel y I found the right stuff. There is a movie titled “Girl Play” and it’s about two lesbian actresses who fall in love while working together. That is not what I am reviewing, although I may check it out later.

What we’re discussing today kiddies is the popular new lesbian web series set in New Orleans , Girl Play. Now it was not the plan for me to review or even ingest any more lesbian web based shows. One, most of them really suck in the production department… Just too hard to watch at times. Two, so many are closer to The Wire than Sex in the City and I prefer my girls a little less rough. Three, then there’s the shows that never show any happy couples. You know, so and so gettin’ beat up by her girl friend. So and so is sleeping with men. Blah Blah Blah. I was so over it!

Girl Play is refreshing. They had me at “hello”. The girls are good lookin’ and I’m sure they’ll warm up to camera after a couple of episodes. It looks good. I like the footage of New Orleans, one of my favorite cities to eat myself into a food coma. I haven’t seen anyone get mollywhopped or beaten with a Bible so…so far, so good.

KK edit:  Shout out to the homie Kia who plays Lindsey, “LJ” Jones on the web series!!

Something Like A Super Lesbian: Audre Lorde

lordpic1Happy Wednesday! I am still recovering from HerWinterParty (feel free to judge me) but I do believe I am getting back in the swing of things. As some of you have seen, there is a viewing of the film Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years being held at the Museum of  Contemporary Art on March 27th. I will definitely be there and hope to meet some of my Miami lezzies.

I know that many of you already know who Audre Lorde is, but unfortunately there are just as many who only know the picture of her holding her glasses. The picture is pretty iconic in black lesbian culture, let’s discuss the icon featured.

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@HerWinterParty was amazing… Way too amazing to blog like we said

photo (12)See what had happened was…

Yes it is true, anytime a black lesbian woman person says “See what had happened was” an excuse/lie is not too far away.

As my inability to go three seconds without a yawn should tell you, Her Winter Party, the women’s events of the Winter Party Festival was the best lezzie time I have had in a longgggg time.

And yes I have to make that distinction even though this might have edged out Art Basel in my heart.

In the next few posts we will be sharing some of the event highlights, but there were some personal standout moments to me that I want to kick off the posts with:

* Being commended by Rea Carey, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and ACTUAL superlesbian, for the increased attendance and diversity of lesbians this year.

* Getting to chat with the lovely guys of the Paul and Matty show about Her Winter Party, giving voice to the lesbian community and how important safe sex is to us as well as the boys.  I can’t wait to share a clip with you guys. (That’s if they leave me in the final audio ha!)

*Partying up poolside with my friends (old and new), my Mrs.,  and the lovely and TALL Jessica Clark  (and yes this link goes directly to her calendar — Yes ma’am).

I am sure I will say this again but I am very very very very very proud to have worked with such an amazing group of people and I can’t wait until we PARTY WITH A PURPOSE again next year! Even though my swollen feet, the Mrs.’ concussion (don’t ask) and my aversion to paying 25.00 a night to park a car I didn’t drive might disagree.

Shoutouts to Lisa, Marivi, Ingrid, Cliffie, Kathy, Yesi of Pandora Events, Lynn of Icandee Events, Amy, Crystal, Znario, Mayren and…  EVERY LOVELY LADY THAT I MET THIS WEEKEND!

Trust me there are more posts..videos…and photos to come (for real this time).



(c) 2011 Dr. Dagmar Schultz

(c) 2011 Dr. Dagmar Schultz




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