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Something Like A Super Lesbian: Vernita Gray (In Memoriam)

CT met-Vernita-Gray-gay-marriage-01.JPGVernita Gray, a Chicago icon and the gay rights activist who wed her partner in Illinois’ first same-sex marriage, has died at age 65.

According the Associated Press, Gray died late Tuesday of cancer at the same Chicago home where she married Patricia Ewert in late November. She was surrounded by family and friends when she died. Continue reading Something Like A Super Lesbian: Vernita Gray (In Memoriam)

Out and About: Alicia Keys

I know she isn’t a lesbian…. I know she is married with a young son… I know… I know… I know…*forced smile* I also know that Alicia Keys in menswear has been sexy since she fell on the scene  (see what I did there). alicia1 Continue reading Out and About: Alicia Keys

Something Like A Super Lesbian: Nadine Smith @1nadinesmith

nadine_headshotI have noticed that this black history month particularly, and with this Something Like a Super Lesbian series in general, I have been highlighting people that are dead.

I didn’t really meannnn to, but there is just something about monochromatic pictures of lesbians of  yesteryear.

I am going to switch it up right now.

As a Florida lesbian of color, I am proud to introduce Nadine Smith as the newest inductee to the League of Extraordinary Lesbians. Continue reading Something Like A Super Lesbian: Nadine Smith @1nadinesmith

10 Things To Know About: Songstress Kat Riggins @katriggins

katrigI am soooo happy to present to some and introduce to others (in my church lady voice) an amazing singer, woman, and sisterfriend, Kat Riggins.

Kat recorded her first EP “Seoul Music” independently, produced by Kameron Pearson and Terrell King while on tour in Seoul, South Korea. It is a compilation of blues covers and original songs she wrote dating as far back as 2008. With this and albums to come, her’ focus is to be a part of this musical revolution that aims to awaken the masses and introduce them to the sincerity behind true music.  

In her own words…

 “It’s about the raw emotion in every note”, Kat says. ” If I can move someone to feel what I feel when I sing a song, then it’s all worth it”.

On a personal note, Kat is one of the genuinely nicest people I know. On behalf of the South Florida lezzies (and some boys too), we are so happy to have her back from her tour. And it’s not just because she makes the best drinks…. EVER.

Check out the Q&A after the jump…

Continue reading 10 Things To Know About: Songstress Kat Riggins @katriggins

Out and About: Miami Premiere of the HBO Documentary Film “The Out List” – A Documentary by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

The Out List

Thank you to our friends at the Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to the Miami premiere of the HBO Documentary Film “The Out List” – A Documentary by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

Here is the synopsis below:

The OUT List features a diverse cross-section of accomplished leaders from entertainment, business, sports and public service sharing intimate stories on childhood, understanding gender and sexuality, building careers while out and reflecting on the challenges still facing the LGBT community. Against the backdrop of historic Supreme Court hearings on same-sex marriage and financial equality, subjects recall joyous moments of acceptance and romance, along with painful instances of intolerance and discrimination, offering unique modern perspectives on being out in America.

We CAN NOT WAIT to report back on the event. The LEGENDARY Lady Bunny, and Kristi’s favorite Suze Orman will be attendance.

Not Really Gossip: Dear Zoe, I think we can find room for you on #teamlesbian

zoe-saldanaI haven’t bought an Allure magazine in… FOREVER but I might have to pick up next month’s issue featuring Star Trek and Colombiana star Zoe Saldana.

In an “eye-raising” response to a question about her sexuality, Zoe responds.

[I might] end up with a woman, raising my children….That’s how androgynous I am.

Oh really Zoe?

Hmmm… A sister with fly glasses, a bit of an overbite, and a gift for gab might be exactly what you need… I’m just saying. *shrugs*

On the real, Zoe if you like it I love it… as long as you don’t see this as an escape from the drama that is male-female relationships. Because from one lezzie to a not-so lezzie, these heffas out here… aren’t much better. (Yes I said heffas)

Celezbrities Out and About: Wanda Sykes (@iamwandasykes) starring in Fast and the Furious 13?


No.. not really.

Wanda joined other celebrities for the 37th annual Toyota Grand Prix celebrity race this past weekend.

Each year during the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach,Toyota hosts a celebrity race alongside the real racing for a good cause. This year, the event will raise more than $100,000 for “Racing for Kids,” a national organization that benefits children’s hospitals in Southern California, and create $20,000 for other charities.

Photos: Ganked from random websites… *shrugs*