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Chapter 4: Damien

As I watched Antoinette lay there with her mouth open drooling on my expensive ass sheets I couldn’t do anything but smile. She looked so content as if just a few hours ago some fuck nigga wasn’t putting his hands on her. Just thinking about it again made me want to find him and introduce him to what the shed is really for.  I know I inflict pain on people for a living but what he did was some weak shit. Looking at her bruised face, I knew if it ever came to it I would kill anyone that ever tried to hurt her again.

I saw how beautiful she was when walked in the door with her home girl. I made a mental note to step to her eventually until I saw that little scene she made.To be honest, when I first saw that shit going down I was going to let it ride. Women need to learn to stop jumping up in men’s faces on some rah rah shit. But when I heard the bartender calling up Money K saying those girls were his family I slid into action. We had been making money a long time so I couldn’t let nothing happen to them. If she would have called earlier, I would have deaded that shit before his punk ass even bucked. Hell by the time I got over there K’s sister was fucking old boy up. I had planned to just move them out of the way until K came but when I saw Toni trying to fight back her tears that unleashed the Devil. I am glad I didn’t have to call the cleanup crew because I know that would have meant I had to kill that bitch he was with too. I just got back in town and I didn’t want to have to dead folks for free.

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