Tips to a Big Fun/Small Budget Trip to Turks and Caicos #KKDays

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I know… I know. I have been slacking on my blogging. There have been a lot of new developments in the world according to Kristi that I hope to share with you guys soon.

We just back this weekend from a really relaxing time in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos so I wanted to share some tips.

Turks and Caicos has the reputation of being a very expensive island to visit. We read stories of people having to take out loans for sunscreen and selling plasma to pay for drinks at the bar. While that wasn’t our experience, I can see how that happens.  We did extremely well sticking to our budget but it was definitely a plan. Continue reading

KRead: Black Bull, Ancestors and Me: My Life as a Lesbian Sangoma by Nkunzi Zandile Nkabinde

blackbull2I have always had a love for the study of people and culture. For those who don’t know, back a decade ago, I received my undergraduate degree in Sociology. I wanted to study deviant subcultures, and had all intentions of being a leading expert on the world’s oldest profession.

How that led me into a career in fashion photography is a whole other post…

The latest KRead book, Black Bull, Ancestors and Me: My Life as a Lesbian Sangoma has awaken every sociological and anthropological bone in my body.

Plot Snapshot: A memoir of Nkunzi Zandile Nkabinde, a lesbian sangoma (traditional healer), shares with us her personal journey of enlightenment through a traditional South African landscape.

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20-something Magazine Covers Featuring Lesbians of Color

All this talk about magazine covers, starring folks that won’t be name, got us to thinking —  Aside from Ellen, where are the lesbian cover girls?

A few keystrokes later, I found an autostraddle posting called 100 Awesome Magazine Covers Starring Lesbians. As awesome as they indeed were, one thing jumped out at me…there were very few lesbians (or bisexuals) of color.

So with a little luck and a lot of google, I have found 20(ish) magazine covers featuring lesbians of color. Take a look. Which covers are we missing?

P.S. We know Queen Latifah is not a self-proclaimed lesbian but I love that cover.

Black-Scape: Why Are All The Black Lesbians Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

photo 2Happy Sunday love bugs. Sorry I haven’t written in a few days but between work, a stomach bug and the Her Winter Party festivities, I haven’t been able to log on.  But today is the day of rest and catchup.

I love this time of year.  Over the last few years I have met some of my favorite lezzies at Her Winter Party. They all have come from different backgrounds, different places, but one thing has been pretty consistent… less than 10% were lesbians of color.  It never really hit me until this year at Artscape. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s their opening event, which includes a silent art auction featuring the work of a variety of artists.
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I Hate Lesbian Porn

No I REALLY hate lesbian porn and do you want to know why?

Of course you do or you wouldn’t have clicked on the link…

Before I go into this, I am about to tell you some “none of your business” information about me. See what had happened was…  I am one of those people that have to be dead tired to fall asleep. I can’t count sheep or any of that foolishness. Trust me I’ve tried. Tonight, case in point, I have been trying to fall asleep for the last hour which is what led me to this post. There is only one sure fire way for me to sleep…. Continue reading

10 Things To Know About: Songstress Kat Riggins @katriggins

katrigI am soooo happy to present to some and introduce to others (in my church lady voice) an amazing singer, woman, and sisterfriend, Kat Riggins.

Kat recorded her first EP “Seoul Music” independently, produced by Kameron Pearson and Terrell King while on tour in Seoul, South Korea. It is a compilation of blues covers and original songs she wrote dating as far back as 2008. With this and albums to come, her’ focus is to be a part of this musical revolution that aims to awaken the masses and introduce them to the sincerity behind true music.  

In her own words…

 “It’s about the raw emotion in every note”, Kat says. ” If I can move someone to feel what I feel when I sing a song, then it’s all worth it”.

On a personal note, Kat is one of the genuinely nicest people I know. On behalf of the South Florida lezzies (and some boys too), we are so happy to have her back from her tour. And it’s not just because she makes the best drinks…. EVER.

Check out the Q&A after the jump…

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