Wait What?: Sperm Donor Being Sued for Child Support by Kansas DCF

I have to say that I first read about this while perusing one of my GUILTIEST of guilty pleasures sandrarose.com. I wanted to actually discuss the post when I saw it on there but I a) refuse to request a logon b) am not saved enough to have conversations with  some folks just yet. Anyway here is the long and short of it (no pun intended really)…

Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner

Source: CJ Online – Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner of Topeka, KS

Back in March of 2009, William Marotta responded to an ad Angela Bauer and now former partner, Jennifer Schreiner placed on Craigslist looking for a sperm donor. A few mouse clicks and a handshake later, Schreiner was inseminated with Marotta’s sperm. At the time Marotta relinquished all of his rights and responsibilities for the child.

I am so glad you got passed the Craigslist part and kept reading! Kudos to you!

Now fast forward three years later… Due to a health issue, Bauer has been unable to work as of March 2012.  Schriener went to the state to get health insurance for their child. It was there that DCF requested the name of the father/sperm donor and Schreiner caved told them about Marotta.

Now here is where it gets interesting … more interesting…

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