Why I Hate French… Food or Dating. I Hate French Dating!

So I did something that I have never done before. Something Ma Dear would clutch her pearls and roll around in her grave for. Something my friends would probably be shocked by. Something I am not all that proud of…
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A Brilliant Disguise… or Why I Will Never Date Publicly Again.

Ok so this was supposed to be an erotica chock full of sex, straps, whips, and sin but for some reason my brain is stuck of them. THEM.. the SHEs, the HERs, the EXs, the “FRIENDS“.. all the women in the last year who I have liked, loved, and left… and the ones who left me.

So if that’s not what you want to read check back with me later for a post more to your liking.

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You Asked For it: Interracial Dating

… now let me first say this it is 3:18am in the morning

Ok so I was on twitter the other day, feeling void of inspiration but desiring to blog so I asked for a topic. And strangely enough the first 5 responses were interracial dating… which took me aback for a moment only because it is not something I discuss (or honestly think about) often. But since I am putting on my sleep deprived thinking cap here is my take on it.. (hopefully I don’t go to far off the mark). Continue reading