I have had my fill of lesbian drama. Ok. Let me restate that please. I am sick and tired of WATCHING lesbian drama on my digital devices. With that being said, I am all for lesbian comedy. It’s about time
someone came along with a sense of humor. I was beginning to lose faith in my sisters. We can’t all be so serious all the time can we? I am also sick of seeing black women languishing behind bars…which is
why, although it may be funny and full of lesbians, I haven’t seen Orange is The New Black. Right now, Entangled With You is giving me EVERYTHING. Continue reading

Super Gay Movie of the Week: Entangled with You [Web Series]

Ok so the last review I wrote was of  A Perfect Ending, starring my gorgeous friend (if only in my head) Jessica Clark. I wasn’t totally in love with the film but it did spark an interesting conversation with director Caryn H about her webseries Entangled with You (@entangledseries).

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