In The News: Gay Marriage Ban in Florida Still in Effect

As a Florida born and bred lezzie, I have been asked by quite a few folks, “What is really going on with the gay marriage ban in Florida?” Normally, I would tell them to google it.  This time I was actually at a cocktail event with some of the Miami LGBT elite on the 17th (I snuck in) and got the tea from the folks’ holding the bag. Continue reading

Gay is NOT the New Black… We are still the new/old Blacks

gay_is_the_new_black_posters-rd54d30b604c245e290725433178348c0_wv3_8byvr_324I think I have written and re-written this post a dozen times in my head. Sometimes I have even tried to put it on (virtual) paper but something would happen that would make me (read: give me an excuse) not to write it. And yes I know this is probably another one in a list of posts that won’t make me lesbian of the year, but it is something I feel I need to say out loud. Continue reading