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I’ve been catfished on @PlentyofFish already!

Soooooooo I can’t believe it happened this quickly. Remember my last post (yes the one that I literally posted an hour ago — go read it again for kicks) when I called out one of my POF girls as a possible catfish and the other one as a lame? Well I was right (kinda). The lame is definitely a lame.. a catfishy lame!!! How do I know you ask?

Google images strikes again!

See I was sitting here e-chatting with the new homie KD about catfish and POF when I decided to get my Max on. Nah I don’t want to be Nev he is too much of a punk (and a sloppy drunk from the word on the street). Max has the right mix of snark and spark to make me feel right at home.

Just to jog your memory this is Little Miss Lame-o.2013-08-31 18.56.43

Her profile says she is a 40 year old that lives in the Crossings (a neighborhood not far from mine).

Red flag #1 – She doesn’t look a damn thing like 40

Well Reg flag #1 really was her asking me if I was into women, when it is clearly on my profile. But at the time that just confirmed her lameness *shrugs* not her evil deception *cue villian music*

Well like I said, as I was getting my Max on, I decided to drop the images of all the women I had met into Google Image search. The first two passed with flying colors as I expected. I just knew the gorgeous Latina from across town was going to come up as a fake but no she was clean too. I dropped Miss Lame-o in for kicks and lo and behold…. dun dun dun



Ain’t that bout a biscuit ? This broad (or should I say person because I have no idea if they are indeed even a woman) not only picked a ho as their picture but an international ho… I guess she said she was going to do it real big. I halfway want to write back to her now, but I refuse to be messy in my old age.

This does however lead me to wonder, being that this took me all of 5 minutes to uncover… how in the heck are people getting catfished for 5 years?