10 Things To Know About: Songstress Kat Riggins @katriggins

katrigI am soooo happy to present to some and introduce to others (in my church lady voice) an amazing singer, woman, and sisterfriend, Kat Riggins.

Kat recorded her first EP “Seoul Music” independently, produced by Kameron Pearson and Terrell King while on tour in Seoul, South Korea. It is a compilation of blues covers and original songs she wrote dating as far back as 2008. With this and albums to come, her’ focus is to be a part of this musical revolution that aims to awaken the masses and introduce them to the sincerity behind true music.  

In her own words…

 “It’s about the raw emotion in every note”, Kat says. ” If I can move someone to feel what I feel when I sing a song, then it’s all worth it”.

On a personal note, Kat is one of the genuinely nicest people I know. On behalf of the South Florida lezzies (and some boys too), we are so happy to have her back from her tour. And it’s not just because she makes the best drinks…. EVER.

Check out the Q&A after the jump…

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10 Things To Know About: Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns


If you know anything about the poetry scene, whether it is on the east coast or the west coast, downtown or midtown, you should know the name Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns.A Grammy nominated spoken word artist, Butterfly has been a K Word favorite for quite a while.

Happy to get a chance to e-chat with her!

Check out the Q&A after the jump…

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10 Things to Know About (@MGLFF edition) :Director Campbell X (@CampbellX) and Cast of @StudLifeMovie

As you can see the K Word is in full Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival effect. There are a lot of great films and documentaries showing this year but we are extremely excited about the MGLFF premiere of Stud Life directed by Campbell X.

We were honored to be able to e-chat with the director and cast of this amazing film for our latest edition of 10 Things to Know About.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets before they are sold out here. We are actually meeting for drinks after the viewing for an impromptu roundtable. Meet us there?
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10 Things To Know About: Najja Moon of the Andy Moon Collection

I haven’t done a “10 Things to Know About” feature in a very long time, mostly because I haven’t had anything new and exciting that has sparked my interest.

Enter Najja Moon of the Andy Moon Collection.

A few weeks back, I was sent a video of The Andy Moon Collection, and although there are no celestial references on the clothing itself, there are plenty ethereal unisex pieces that will have you seeing stars.

I immediately reached out to the owner/designer Najja Moon about the line and her philosophy of fashion. This is what she had to say…

With the Andy Moon Collection I wanted to address what, outside of functionality, it is about clothing that speaks to a more masculine or feminine aesthetic. I wanted to design a collection that was completely void of influences based on preconceived notions about gender. This collection is about a lifestyle. I’m wardrobing professional, creative, ambitious individuals. – Najja Moon

Check out the Q&A after the jump, plus images and a video of the new collection.

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Say What?: Pretty Black Women Don’t Have Lesbian Flings

*blink* *blink*

Now usually I let sleeping dogs lie, and lying broads sleep but this is one of those moments where I was like “Please don’t let her be from Florida”… much like when naked men are eating faces on the side of the road… but I digress.

Some of you have already heard about the recent “scandal” surrounding Fl.  Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer Carroll. For those who haven’t, long story short,  Carroll’s former staffer accuses that she was fired because she found out about Carroll’s affair with a female aide.
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10 Things 2 Know About: Nikki DaVinci

Born in New Orleans and cultivated in New York, Nikki DaVinci is a writer, poet, designer, painter and photographer. Be careful around this renaissance woman because her words have been known to make one’s body react uncontrollably.

Just finishing up her first tour with the Punany Poets and with her first book available on Amazon, remember the name as you might be meeting one of next lesbian laureates.

Give her time and she will penetrate your mind with her Bic (if you are into that kind of thing).

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