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Super Gay Movie Review: Velvet Goldmine

velvetgoldmineposterBefore I can even get started with this review, I must say these words:

Velvet Goldmine is one huge, unforgivingly beautiful mindf*ck from outer space.


Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, I can finally talk about the
film. This review has been three months in the making, for good reason. Continue reading Super Gay Movie Review: Velvet Goldmine

#SuperGayMovie Review: Leave it on The Floor #lgbtfilm #gayfilm

LiotF Leave It On The Floor, by Sheldon Larry, explores the underground ball scene in Los Angeles in the form of a gay musical.

Say what girl? A gay musical?

IF you’re like me, you’re thinking, “Aren’t all musicals gay?” Well this is one Super Gay Musical, complete with drag houses, vogue dance battles and a boy on boy modern dance number.

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Super Gay Movie Review: Stud Life directed by @campbellx

STUDLIFE 7Have you ever seen a movie that you’d heard of and wanted to see but kinda gave up seeing it, only to run across it on Netflix and love it? Really? Me, too!
So it’s the Sunday night after Stonewall Pride. It’s still wet outside so, I am inside where any good girl should be. I’d spotted Stud Life a few days ago and brought it up to the missus. Well, she let me know, in no certain terms, that she is not in any way interested in watching this movie. OK.
Lucky for me she decided to hit the hay early. Time to get my flick!
Stud Life was really, really good. Campbell X had been praised when this movie hit the festival circuit and I now know why. The cast was phenomenal. T’Nia Miller, Kyle Treslove and Robyn Kerr have amazing chemistry and carry the story, beautifully, from beginning to end. I even enjoyed the music…and we all know that can be a deal breaker in lesbian movies.
My two cents, ok…eleven cents.

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#SuperGayShorts Film Reviews: Tracks directed by Deana Williams

Once upon a time, there was a young runaway named Julie who lived in the forest. One day, the dashing and athletic Tasha walks into Julie’s outdoor hideaway. It’s a classic love story: boi meets boi. Julie and Tasha share a pure, first true love but will they be able to hang on to it?

Tracks,  by Deana Williams, explores the less than perfect love story of two less than perfect girls. Julie has a strained relationship with her mother. Tasha was sent to live with her grandmother, a fervent Bible beater, until she “changes her ways”.  Both girls seem to find the home they’re looking for in each other. This movie explores a moment in time that will resonate through the lives of Julie and Tasha forever. Continue reading #SuperGayShorts Film Reviews: Tracks directed by Deana Williams

10 Things To Know About: Director Deana Williams #SuperGayShorts edition

Over cocktails and kabobs at February’s LOC dinner party, I met a young lady named Kerra. As is normal with our crew, we slipped pretty quickly into a conversation about lesbian life, specifically black lesbian cinema. Before I could go into my “Why I USED to Support All Black LGBT Films” rant, she mentioned she was friends with Deana Williams, the director of the award winning short film Tracks.

Deana, a native of New Orleans Louisiana found her calling at the age of 12. After studying some of her favorite childhood movies, Deana turned to her mother and simply said “I want to do that for the rest of my life” From there, Deana begun writing scripts and acting them out with her family members in front of an old camcorder that she received from her mother. Making short movies was a way to let her imagination soar and soon the magical world of film became her passion.

She followed her dreams all the way to Miami Florida where she studied film at Ai Miami International University of Art & Design.
Deana is the winner of numerous awards for filmmaking and community achievement, including the “Have a Heart Award” and the “Ai MIU Most Outstanding Filmmaker of 2003”. Deana continues to be a student of the craft. While gaining more experience in writing, producing and directing, Deana strives to make new films that explore the lives of women in leading roles.

As a fan of her work, I couldn’t wait to get her on the K Word. Even though she is in pre-production for her new movie Torn, she graciously agreed to be a part of our 10 Things to Know About Series. She is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

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Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Imagine Me and You

imaginemeyouOl Parker’s film, Imagine Me and You , is a romantic comedy which sticks to the formula. Is it Oscar worthy? Not really but watching Lena Headley (sexy British, Game of Thrones and 300 lady) huff about, glowing with the heat of sexual frustration…well, that is enough to make this movie a winner!

Piper Perabo, who plays the bride Rachel, is her usual likeable and non-threatening self. Lena Headley (le sigh), plays Luce, the florist hired for the wedding. They make eye contact across the aisles of the ceremony and both are visibly shaken. I won’t give it away but let’s just say it’s love at first sight.

Looking for something cute and non-offensive for date night? Imagine Me and You is a good choice.

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: @GBFmovie

GBF2Ever since Paris and Nicole, having a fabulous BF has been crucial to climbing the 21st century social ladder.  Well picture a world where beautiful girls, like the aforementioned pair, need one last trendy accessory to really be on the cutting edge. What every girl needs is… a GBF, a Gay Best Friend. A GBF must be awesomely and amazingly gay, meaning: glittery, sparkly and effervescent…like Perez Hilton but nicer. Today’s high schools are a popularity feeding frenzy of teen queens…in more ways than you can imagine.

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