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Lights Camera Action – The 15th Annual Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is NEXT WEEKEND!


As you know, we at the K Word love this time of year, lots of parties…lots of lesbians… lots of lesbian partying….. SCORE!

One of Crys’s favorite events is happening next week! Can you guess what it is?

[ insert your duh here]

Of course it’s the 15th annual Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  The 10 day event will take place from Friday April 26 until Sunday May 5, 2013, mostly on South Beach, with additional films screened at locations throughout Miami.

The Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is committed to its mission: To inspire, entertain and educate the public, encourage a sense of community through international and culturally diverse film, video and other media that offer historical and contemporary perspectives on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender experience. (How can you not love that?)

Crys and Kristi will be posting their MUST-SEE films choices by next week, but to see the whole line up and buy your tickets check them out here.

Oh and after the party is the after-party… Let’s go!



Celezbrities Out and About: Erica Ash (@TheEricaAsh) at the Scary Movie 5 Premiere

vibe-scary-movie-premiere-5Erica Ash looked AMAZING at the Scary Movie 5 Premiere last week. She plays the character of Kendra in the 5th installment of the comedy spoof franchise.

If she looks familiar, she should! The K Word has loved her long time from The Big Gay Sketch Show and MadTV.

Have you guys seen the movie yet? We haven’t seen a Scary Movie since MAYBE the first one but Katt Williams back on the big screen???? We might have to slide to the front of the line.

Photos: Ganked from random websites… Vibe was one of them… we think *shrugs*

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Beautiful Boxer

beautiful-boxer-movie-poster-2003-1020483161Many of us have seen the movies about transsexuals. They are usually sad, boring or outlandishly stereotypical. Not this one. Beautiful Boxer is about a boy who has to fight like a man to become a woman.  What makes this movie even more exciting is that it’s the true story of celebrated Muay Thai kick boxer, Nong Thoom. The film opens with a reporter looking for the mysterious Nong on the streets of Bangkok. One shot is of a sexy lady standing in a doorway, wearing a t-shirt that says, “Self Made Woman.”  I fell in love right then and there. Then the action starts. This ain’t no Starbooty. This movie is more Karate Kid than The Crying Game. Asanee Suwan is AWESOME as young Thoom. He is respectful and doesn’t make his character a caricature. I loved watching the transition from soft young boy to fierce femme fighter. Suwan is a professional Muay Thai fighter in his own right and the fight scenes in this movie rival some of my favorite mainstream movies like Ong Bak and The Protector with Tony Jaa. Love. Love. Love. If you like action, see this movie. If you like sexy lady-boys, see this movie. If you like sexy lady boys who whoop major ass, see this movie. No, really, see this movie! Beautiful Boxer is a breath of fresh, Bangkok air. Glad I found it! Now…since we’re all preoccupied with finding out who’s gonna win RuPaul’s Drag Race, next week’s review is all about Starbooty!  A different kind of drag superhero…Yum!

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: The Kids Are Alright.

thekidsarealright3I’m starting to really like mainstream lesbian movies. I know, right? Crazy.

My cable provider was kind enough to add a Gay and Lesbian category to their lineup. Naturally I was delighted! Their line up is pretty awesome, too. I was scrolling through and came across quite a few old favorites. This girl wanted some new stimuli so, an unseen flick was in order. The Kids Are Alright stars Julianne Moore and Annette Benning as a married lesbian couple with two children who want to meet their sperm donor.…that’s gay enough to spark my interest.

This movie is funny, endearing, realistic and beautiful. Most times I avoid the word beautiful when referring to movies. It’s grates the nerves kinda like when chefs describe their food as sexy. What’s that all about…lol. This time though, beautiful is appropriate.

Mark Ruffalo is perfect as the seemingly cool donor dad. He shines like John Travolta’s fresh suit in Saturday Night Fever. He even has a hot girlfriend, remember Ya Ya from America’s Top Model? Yep. They have sexy little love scene. I loved it. Can you see my naughty grin?

Lisa Cholodenko is an amazing director. I was happy to see her name pop up on screen. She directed High Art back in the day and I still love that movie. 

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Itty Bitty Titty Committee [2007]

l_496328_690e1fb2Oh. My. Goddess.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee is AWESOME. Jamie Babbit has done it again. Not only does she have an openly lesbian Latina with a supportive family as the lead character but, the movie manages to transcend ‘gayness’ to be a perfectly delightful coming of age story.

Anna has been dumped by her girlfriend, rejected by the college she applied to attend and her perfect sister’s marrying the perfect guy. Everything Sucks! As she’s leaving work one night, Anna catches a woman spray painting the window. It’s love at first sight…sort of.  Enter Sadie. Sadie introduces Anna to the world of guerilla feminism by way of her organization, C (I) A, Clits in Action.

Melonie Diaz is perfect as Anna. She goes from a boring wallflower to a full-fledged extremist with such ease. I love that this movie isn’t Anna’s coming out story. We’ve seen that a million times. What happens after coming out? Is there another hurdle? For Anna, she grows from a shy young girl into a firebrand femi-nazi…and we love watching the journey.

Many of the characters are played by lesbian icons like supermodel Jenny Shimizu (swoon!) and Daniela Sea of The L Word. Clea DuVall and Melanie Lynsky from Babbit’s fun filled hit “But I’m a Cheerleader” also make appearances. Jamie Babbit ROCKS. So does the soundtrack for Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Chick Punk and Lots of subversive rock liven up the scene, providing a perfect backdrop for Anna’s teen angst.

SEE THIS MOVIE! I love it. I love Jamie Babbit. This one gets Two Snaps and a Bucket of Spicy Tofu.



(c) 2011 Dr. Dagmar Schultz

(c) 2011 Dr. Dagmar Schultz




Free with museum admission


Weekend with The Boys…a Super Gay Adventure.

A gurl was ill last week! All she could do was sit in front of a movie or two, attend an art show and dance the VDay away with her supergay girlfriend. But as promised, it’s all about the boys this week. Yay!

Ok. So I was lying in bed one morning, fishing through the channels when I caught The Skinny on Logo. Yes! I’d wanted to see this movie for aeons and had been talking about it for weeks. Lo and behold, her she was…with no pesky rental fee. lol.

First off, the soundtrack is Gawd Awful. That alone almost killed it for me. I am all for supporting LGBT artists but…c’mon. On the plus side, the actors were really good. I mean the boys, bois, girls and gurls were all a fun bunch of chocolate eye candy. The story was pretty standard. If you are a fan of Noah’s ARC, you’ll love it. I am a fan…but I say, “See it, then judge. Not bad.”

The morning before our art show, I watched Finding Me. I’ve never seen the series but I hear it’s got a pretty substantial following…reminder to me, check it out. As far as the movie was concerned…mas o menos. I mean the love scenes are pretty hot but the main character was so annoying. I mean that gurl…whew!


I rounded out my weekend with the boys on Sunday night with Breakfast on Pluto. Now that queen was special! She was a hot Irish mess just waiting to be served with a side of Good Face and a Body to Match. This movie was sorta difficult for me at first but either I began to understand that thick brogue or the actors got tired of trying so hard. Either way…the movie got better for me. Miss Patricia Kitten was either innocent, foolish or blessed. All of her dreams come true. I won’t say more. It’s kind of a must see.

Next week, it’s back to the girls! lol. I’ll take a gander at Girl Play by Lee Friedlander… and it’s not what you think. This one comes highly recommended. Thespian Lesbians…oh, my! Au Revoir, darlinks.