I Hate Lesbian Porn

No I REALLY hate lesbian porn and do you want to know why?

Of course you do or you wouldn’t have clicked on the link…

Before I go into this, I am about to tell you some “none of your business” information about me. See what had happened was…  I am one of those people that have to be dead tired to fall asleep. I can’t count sheep or any of that foolishness. Trust me I’ve tried. Tonight, case in point, I have been trying to fall asleep for the last hour which is what led me to this post. There is only one sure fire way for me to sleep…. Continue reading

:60 Second Shorts: Ebony mag features a “lesbian” couple on their Hot Couples list

So it is the month of love and Ebony has decided to include a “lesbian” (a term that I think should be replaced with “something-like-a-lesbian”) couple in their Hot Couples in 2011 article. Now at first when my girl RL told me about the article I was like “Go head Ebony” with a big smile… but trust me that smile turned into a side-eye as I read exactly what was going as a “lesbian hot couple” nowadays.
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10 Things to Know About: Tune of LezUrban Productions

Meet Tune, the Bowtie Prince. Born and raised in Los Angeles, the now Sacramento resident, was tired of seeing heterosexual actors trying to sell her fake lesbian sex scenes and decided enough was enough.
So she took her place in the director’s seat, to provide an authentic representation in lesbian porn focused on supplying the LGBTQ community with a product that would be designed with them in mind.
And thus LezUrban Productions was born…
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