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:60 Second Shorts – Welcome to the #LGTBside

Ok so this might actually be my first time doing a :60 second short that takes :60 seconds lol.

With a nod to Ingrid B (one of my favorite Miami promoters) of the BSide. I am going to introduce the hashtag #LGTBside to my repertoire and I hope you will use it as well (or actually I hope you have the opportunity to use it).

This is for all the events (or music or WHATEVER) that are not the norm, (ie don’t have naked women on their 3×5 flyer) geared to and supporting the LGBT community.

I know a lot of you are too young to know what the Bside of a record was, but it was the song placed on the “other side” of a double-sided record. It was often the music that promoters/record companies were afraid wouldn’t appeal to the mainstream culture (even if it were superior).

Now again, I’m not a promoter (it’s been a looong looong time since my old party promoting days) but I like to share good stuff. And I have been lucky enough that I have been exposed to some good stuff recently… so yeah laissez le bon temps roulez (yes my Rosetta Stone French is paying off)

Lez Integrationiste: MLK’s Dream Redux

Ok so as usual I am taking for granted that if you read my blog you follow me on twitter, so you know that I attended the Art Exhibit & Cocktail Reception Winter Party event.

It was a great time full of artwork, music, drinks, and food. I got to meet and mingle with staffers from both the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce and Aquagirl (two awesome organizations!). The best part being the proceeds go right back into the community. But the one thing that I couldn’t help but notice was… ummm there were 3 black people. No really I counted.
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Insert Cool Picture Here

Okay my lovelies… I’m back. I just decided that the sad loveless lesbian thing was not my style.

Now I have another blog post all raring to be posted about the breakup (full with snarkiness) but of course in true lesbian fashion I am waiting forthe ex-GF formerly known as UNO” to finish the graphic so I can post it. *sideeye* So until then I am writing this filler post so you guys know that I am not in a ditch or planning on becoming the cat lady.

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Dyke Club: The Other “Secret Society”

As my followers can attest to and my readers as well I have been slacking on my kword for the last couple of weeks or so. (If you didn’t miss me… screw you *big smile*) Aside from working on some family thaaangs, and trying to learn a thing or two, there is another major reason for my absence. I have recently become inducted in a very important secret society called…

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:60 Second Shorts: Ebony mag features a “lesbian” couple on their Hot Couples list

So it is the month of love and Ebony has decided to include a “lesbian” (a term that I think should be replaced with “something-like-a-lesbian”) couple in their Hot Couples in 2011 article. Now at first when my girl RL told me about the article I was like “Go head Ebony” with a big smile… but trust me that smile turned into a side-eye as I read exactly what was going as a “lesbian hot couple” nowadays.
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10 Things to Know About: Why They Rock (Hip Hop Edition)

So now that we got the introductions out of the way, I think it is time you know who you are dealing with.

Oh and umm-uh-ruh, this is information is not to be used for gold-digging purposes… *eyebrow raise* I know all my readers aren’t as wholesome as I am *innocent look*

-DJ Lezzie Lay (Yes that is my hip hop rapper name)

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