Thank Netflix: “Orange is the New Black” Season Two Trailer is Up

Even though we weren’t exactly fans of the book, we are ready for June 6th! Are you tuning in? We might just have to get Netflix again for this one.

Super Gay Movie of the Week: But I’m a Cheerleader (1999) Directed by @BabbitJamie

NLbutimacheerleader011As our countdown to the 16th annual Miami Gay and Lesbian  Film Festival continues, let’s all get out our tents because it’s time for camp.

But I’m a Cheerleader is the story of All American girl Megan Bloomfield, from Anytown, USA. She’s pretty, she’s popular, and she cheers in support of her football playing boyfriend. But there is something just not right about this girl. Why doesn’t she like having her face gnawed off by her BF during their make out sessions?  Why did she start eating tofu? Is that a Melissa Etheridge poster hanging in her room? OH NO, she must be A GAY. Continue reading

CELEZBRITIES OUT AND ABOUT: Outfest Fusion LGBT People Of Color Film Festival – Opening Night Screening Of “Blackbird”

The reports are in and the 11th annual Outfest Fusion was a great success. Every year Outfest Fusion, showcases LGBT film by people of color. The festival features 30 short and feature-length films from around the world that reflect a wide array of LGBT stories and parties. Fusion gives participants an opportunity to see reflections of their own experience and to deepen their understanding of other LGBT communities of color. We are still very bitter that we didn’t attend but we figured a week was more than enough time to get over it.

The opening night boasted a screening of Patrik Ian Polk’s Blackbird. Check out some of the pictures below… we aren’t in any of them *side eye*


                                       SLAY MS. PARKER!



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Super Gay Movie of the Week: The Ten Rules – A Lesbian Survival Guide (2002) by @MichelleParadis

1973471_10152264341705575_854664054_oIt’s the weekend woo hoo! Andddd we have officially begun the countdown to the 16th annual Miami Gay and Lesbian  Film Festival, so prepare for lesbian cinematic overload.

As you know one of our favorite segments each year is the Women’s Short Program.  While we wait with bated breath to see what is selected this year, we have to share one of @kristiweb‘s all time favorite lesbian short films. The Ten Rules. It was the short film that led to Logo’s freaking hilarious show Exes and Ohs.

For the 80s babies among us, it is very Clarissa Explains It All meets the L Word.

Check it out here.

You can also see one of our favorites from last year First Date by Be Steadwell.



Saving-Face-MovieHappy Monday love bugs. There is a lot going on in Miami this week for the L the G , the B and the T among us.

It’s one of my favorite events of the year, Winter Party and especially for the ladies, Her Winter Party.

If you remember last year we had a great time at all of the events especially Artscape and Industry. We had so much fun we almost forgot to blog about it… Oops.

This year we will definitely be attending the highlight event (in our opinion) Artscape, which showcases local lesbian (and not-so-lesbian) art work. So with that in mind we decided to overdose on some lesbian art, in the form of film.  Huān yíng to Saving Face.

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Tomorrow – A short film about LGBT and Human rights issue in Russia

Warmest wishes to you from Russia.

WE a group of filmmakers, who support LGBT community, freedom of a person and tolerance in the world are preparing for next short film production.

Our story is about an ordinary day of a lesbian couple that turned out to change their life forever. A school teacher became a suspect in trumped-up case against her and her child meanwhile her successful girlfriend came too close to an unpleasant truth about the way child adoptive system works.

Unfortunately we are doing a very dangerous job here, so we can’t ask for support In Russia, It can lead us to jail. But we are devoted to our goal to make this movie, to tell this important story to all over the world! So we decided to ask help from all people who care!!!
We would like to ask you to promote our campaign. We have a crowd funding campaign open till March 20 and we hope to raise money for this important issue!

Please support our crowdfunding campaign and help us to tell the true story from Russia. Each vote will matter, each penny will help. Only together we can make this film happen!

Also check our FB page for more information


family_poster1Woo hoo! I am back from an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic for my sistar’s birthday.

I had a wonderful time with really cool women, but I must admit I missed my fellow lezzies. I forgot how it is to be surrounded by straight women, having completely straight conversations.  Chiiiiile.

I know I am going to be in a whole house full  of  “us” next week for our Lesbians of Color Dinner Party, but I needed a quick fix NOW. So since my money is still in pesos, I decided to go head deep into some good ol’ lesbian films last night.

The movie that I watched “Family” has been stalking me on Amazon for a while. I kept looking at it and ending up watching something else… Why you might ask? Because I am cheap… like “2.99 to rent a movie is CRAY when I can watch hundreds for free” kind of cheap. But I am EXTREMELY happy I bit the bullet and spent them coins.

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