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Sip and Serve: H.O.P.E Homeless Event and #MiamiSpice at De Luca Wine and Food


This weekend ended up being a comedy of errors, all my best laid plans went to pot. I didn’t make it on the Bimini cruise with my girls or to the super amazing Pridelines Youth Gala benefiting Youth LGBT in Miami. The only shining star in my whole weekend was being able to get together with my girls and attend the H.O.P.E. Homeless event.

Every other month on the second Saturday, the parishioners of Miami Beach Community Church and other civic groups get together to benefit the area homeless population. There are areas where they can pick out clothing, toiletries, and shoes. Volunteers cut hair, medical and legal professionals donate their time, and hot meals are served.

We laughed and joked with them, even though Kimmy had to slap one’s hand (don’t ask!). We were blessed by them much more than they were blessed by us. I know I spoke with some people that are interested in coming next time. See you in October!!!

Miami Beach Community Church 
500 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(Entrance on the alley on Pennsylvania Avenue between 16 Street and Lincoln Road)
7:00 AM – 10:30 AM
If you are interested in donating or volunteering your time, you can contact them directly or hit me kristi at thekword dot com.

De Luca Wine and Food

530 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Menu Choices:

BRUSCHETTA (pictured) Tomato, basil, X-VOO
GRILLED CHICKEN PANINO (pictured) Prosciutto, mozzarella, roasted peppers, basil
CREME BRULEE (pictured)

Food: Bruschetta is hard to mess up. My grilled chicken panino was really good. The girls had all positives about their menu picks as well…

Service: Slow. Horribly slow. We were the first people there and it took forever for everything! Slow for drinks. Slow for appetizers. Slow for entree. Slow for Dessert… get the picture.

Environment: Inside and outside seating. Everyone sits outside. You have prime people watching real estate as you are on Lincoln Road mall.

What to Wear: It is really up to you. You are on South Beach. You will see everything from swimsuits to stilettos.. and in most cases at the same time.

Overall: … Sigh 3 with extreme reservation.

Would I go again?: Meh.

Out and About: #TheButler Screening and #MiamiSpice at Jaguar


So last night Jojo, Naty and I went to see the Butler Screening in Coconut Grove. We allllllllllmost didn’t make it, well they allllllllmost didn’t make it for being SLOW but luckily they showed up before the doors closed. For those who have been living under a rock, here is a quick synopsis of the movie that I didn’t write.

Director Lee Daniels (Precious) teams up with Emmy Award-winning screenwriter Danny Strong to tell the remarkable story of White House butler Eugene Allen (played by Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker), who served eight U.S. presidents over the course of 30 years, and witnessed sweeping social change during his three decades of service at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. ~ From Fandango

I usually evaluate a movie on the feeling that I have when leaving… Unfortunately the lasting impression 2 hours later was “Oprah, you looked good girl”.

This was a star studded cast of African American actors (and non-African Americans too #noshade) that I was very happy to see. It is a movie that I would support and encourage others to see solely on those attached to it (I’m being honest). BUT critically I am not here for it (as the kids say). It was a over simplified portrayal of what I am sure were dynamic people. The characters were extremely two dimensional, as if the audience would be too ignorant to appreciate any nuisances. It took what could have been a more powerful piece and maybe it “just another civil rights movie with a bigger budget”.

It has done one thing, which is make me want to read on the actual man… his actual family… and actual circumstances. If he upon more research is as linear as his character makes him out to be then I will amend my review.

But you sure looked good Madam Oprah.

SCALLOP NORMA (pictured) Served over sweet potato, corn, spinach and hearts of palm
SCALLOP NORMA (pictured)
Served over sweet potato, corn, spinach and hearts of palm

Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar and Latam Grill 

3067 Grand Ave

Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Menu Choices:

SCALLOP NORMA (pictured) Served over sweet potato, corn, spinach and hearts of palm
SHRIMP MANGO VERDE (pictured) With cilantro, lime, celery and serrano peppers
BRASILIAN VATAPA (pictured) Brazilian style seafood stew with mahi mahi, shrimp, calamari and coconut milk
PALOMAS DE CAJETA (pictured) Walnuts, bananas and mascarpone cheese wrapped in a crepe and topped with vanilla ice cream and dulce de leche
FLAN DE QUESO (pictured) Topped with rich caramel

Food: Swoooooon inducing. My eyes literally rolled in the back of my head as I tasted the Scallop Norma. The citrus flavor of the Shrimp Mango Verde was also very good (Of course I had to nibble off one of my girls’ plates).  But beware my sensitive loves, the vatapa will burn your mouth off… in a good way… if you are into that kind of thing *gulp*. I only wish they had made mention of that before I ordered it because it was a bit too much for me.

SHRIMP MANGO VERDE  With cilantro, lime, celery and serrano peppers
With cilantro, lime, celery and serrano peppers

Here’s a bonus: For those of us who enjoy and little sip sip, you receive a complimentary signature cocktail with your Miami Spice dinner. Score!

Service: Tim was amazing and so was the tall bald guy whose name we missed. They were a joy and extremely enhanced the WHOLE dining experience. A great contrast to the abysmal service we received at De Luca.

Environment: Nice sized venue, with seating inside and out. On the outskirts of Cocowalk which allows for pleasant people watching without too much noise.

What to Wear: It is really up to you. You will see those in the shorts and sandals, you will see others celebrating their anniversaries. This is the Grove, get it how you feel

Overall: Super Strong 4.75 

Would I go again?: Yes!!!!!!!