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Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: A Perfect Ending [A Love Story]

A-PERFECT-ENDING-PosterThis weekend turned out to be a comedy of errors. The LGBT book club meeting I was intending on attending was canceled. I broke my phone on the way to the LGBT Youth fundraiser that I also intended to attend and was too pissed to make it to. My friend circle pulled a no show, aside from one, at our rock climbing get together, totally last minute.

Just foolishness and f*ckery all over the place.

So I decided to crack open a bottle of Barefoot Wine’s Sweet Red, pull up Netflix, and rest my nerves until work tomorrow. The movie I selected, after trying very hard never to watch it, was Nicole Conn‘s A Perfect Ending.

I have refrained from seeing the movie for several reasons, mostly because the people I knew that had seen it…didn’t love it. I didn’t want to not love it . Especially since the lovely Jessica Clark of True Blood fame, and a friend in my head as she hosted Her Winter Party 2013, was the star.

Plot Snapshot: Socialite with a secret, meets prostitute with a heart of gold… and they fall in love.

Before I get into the actual movie review, within 7 minutes of watching the film I found out that I might just have a type. I have decided that my next girlfriend will be at least 5-10 years older than me, and butch in the white sense of the word. I have figured out that I don’t like studs… in the black sense of the word. I could get into what exactly I mean but this is not the time or the place.

Ok… I didn’t love the movie. I actually fast forwarded through several parts of the film once I got to the halfway mark. I knew I shouldn’t have watched it. It hit every lesbian love story archetype that annoys me. The “bad” husband that either misunderstands or mistreats his “devoted” wife who was trying to make it work. The “unattainable” temptress who the heroine tries so hard not too fall in love with. But of course…. love happens (yes the love that usually happens within a week’s worth of sex). It is by this love that the heroine is set free, the bad husband is vanquished, and they live happily ever after or at least the last 20 minutes of the movie.

I get it… I’m just over it.  I want a different kind of love story. I want both women to be single and available when they meet. I WANT THEM BOTH TO KNOW THAT THEY LIKE WOMEN!!!! I want them to have the normal issues that affect new relationships, hell I’ll take a manipulative ex girlfriend plot over a husband plot any day. I want them to have character outside of their central story. I want plot options… why can’t lesbian love stories have subplots???

I think I will stick to writing reviews of documentaries… or I know I will end up just copying this post and changing titles every week.

Am I wrong? Tell me I’m wrong. Any movie suggestions?

Since we are talking about prostitutes.. did you guys read my old lesbian monologue-ish piece called Pussy Sells.. take a look. Oh and there are three parts to it. *shrugs*