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So I’m online dating…. Dating might be too strong a word

Three years ago I had the love of my life… and I believe I screwed it up.

I don’t remember how we met at all and our end is equally as murky. You see we never technically dated. In reality we both dated other people, but in the back of my head she was undoubtedly the ying to my yang. It was our little secret that I kept even hidden from myself. She got me and it was perfect. Until she told our secret aloud. DAMN! I got freaked and ran. Not literally, though I probably would have literally given the chance, but I distanced myself as much as continentally possible. It wasn’t until she was gone and virtually engaged that I realized what had happened. In retrospect, it all worked out for the best… for her. So I am happy… for her.

I think the core problem in this situations was me.  I didn’t know how to be a girlfriend. I need to work on that so if God blesses me with another woman I can know how to act.

Sooooo enough of that introspective sh*t, I am starting to online date. Not that these women will be my trial and error… test dummies of sorts but … well no no that is definitely not what they will be.

looks around

I hope she  doesn’t read this… but if she does… Hey boo.

looks around with a forced smile

First up… Plenty of Fish. Why? Because it’s free.