KWord Approved: Uh-huh by Freckles the Writer

Ok I’m going to keep this short but I love this freaking video.

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Oh and yes she is total Stud-a-licious eye candy… for those that like that kind of thing. *eyebrow raise*


10 Things to Know About: Why They Rock (Hip Hop Edition)

So now that we got the introductions out of the way, I think it is time you know who you are dealing with.

Oh and umm-uh-ruh, this is information is not to be used for gold-digging purposes… *eyebrow raise* I know all my readers aren’t as wholesome as I am *innocent look*

-DJ Lezzie Lay (Yes that is my hip hop rapper name)

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10 Things to Know About: Introductions (The Hip Hop Edition)

Allow me to introduce myself my name is K…K…to the *side eye*. Let me stop before I start, I am really excited to be able to share with you four artists from different regions and with different styles, but with one commonality — their love for music (oh yeah and they like girls too).

Please know I am suppressing my inner hype woman right now… so before I don a oversized clock and removable gold teeth grills. I am going to let them introduce themselves.

-DJ Lezzie Lay

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