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My Experience on South Street…. I obviously wasn’t on the Sunday Side of the Street

Here is the context of the my experience: At least twice a month a small group of my girlfriends and I, like to try out a new restaurant, a new gallery opening…a new SOMETHING we haven’t attended before.This weekend we decided to do a mix of the Johnnie Walker event on the beach and Second Saturdays in Wynwood.

While getting dressed to go to House of Walker, I had the novel (though in retrospect, failed) idea of trying out South Street restaurant. As it was a Saturday night, and we were reservation-less I knew we were in for a long wait (rightfully so), but what I wasn’t prepared for was the dismissive hostess, the empty tables while we stood on the steps and the edible but uninteresting food. I can make shrimp and grits at home for the half the price, twice the portion, and quarter of the aggravation.