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Level Ground Film Festival (Pasadena) – The world’s first faith-based LGBT film festival

This is another bit of information that was shared with us. We are passing it along to those who may be interested. We are not affiliated with them whatsoever.

Drawing  its name from the Bible, specifically Isaiah 40:3-5– the Level Ground film festival, bills itself as “the world’s first faith-based LGBT film festival”. In its second year, the 11 day festival will bring panels, screenings, talks and social events to various small Pasadena venues now through March 1st.

The mission of the festival according to their website is:

Level Ground uses art to create safe space for dialogue about faith, gender, and sexuality. Our hope is to cultivate a better way of speaking with one another across our differences and disagreements. Level Ground is becoming a national innovator in film festival programming, art curation, and dialogue.


Want tickets, more information, or to find out about Level Ground’s goings on? Check them out here.


family_poster1Woo hoo! I am back from an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic for my sistar’s birthday.

I had a wonderful time with really cool women, but I must admit I missed my fellow lezzies. I forgot how it is to be surrounded by straight women, having completely straight conversations.  Chiiiiile.

I know I am going to be in a whole house full  of  “us” next week for our Lesbians of Color Dinner Party, but I needed a quick fix NOW. So since my money is still in pesos, I decided to go head deep into some good ol’ lesbian films last night.

The movie that I watched “Family” has been stalking me on Amazon for a while. I kept looking at it and ending up watching something else… Why you might ask? Because I am cheap… like “2.99 to rent a movie is CRAY when I can watch hundreds for free” kind of cheap. But I am EXTREMELY happy I bit the bullet and spent them coins.




The semester is finally over. I am completely happy regarding my career move decision and finally some old demons are being put to rest, so let’s get back to the lez.

And no we aren’t going to get into my POF stories just yet,though I am going to dinner with a hookee (e not er) tomorrow.

After 15 minutes trying to watch a HORRENDOUS camp-done-wrong movie about drag king pirates… Don’t ask… I browsed through my favorite genre, the documentary, looking for something to replace the brain cells. I was really pleased to stumble upon Last Call at Maud’s directed by Paris Poirier.




2505 NW 87TH AVE.
DORAL, FL 33172

Menu Choices:

SAUTEED SHRIMP WITH WARM FLOUR TORTILLA (pictured) Onions, Garlic, and Tomato
PLANTAIN CRUSTED SNAPPER (pictured) Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Broccolini
INDIAN-SPICED GRILLED SUPREME CHICKEN (pictured) Warm Salad of Wilted Spinach and Chickpeas
OPERA CAKE (pictured)

Food: Something in my spirit said… don’t do it. You won’t like it. Runnnnn. But the menu said “Come hither my child” like a slivering snake. And that one sentence will be the only exciting part of this review. The food was meh at best. The shrimp with the tortilla has a over-powering citric taste. The bay scallops and blue crab salad was underwhelming. The plantain crusted snapper was bland to the point that my companion refused to eat it. I lucked up with the Indian-Spiced Grilled Supreme Chicken that was actually quite flavorable. Thank goodness! And the dessert which you know I love… I hated. I got one scoop in and decided to push back from the table.

Service:  Marginal. In a crowd of people self-serving at the buffet, you would have thought the only plated table would have received more personal service. You would have been mistaken. She wasn’t horrid but I don’t remember her name either. *shrugs*

Environment: It’s located in the Intercontinental at Doral. Nice enough environment as hotels go. Could use a bit of updating.

What to Wear: You are in a hotel, and not a fresh hip hotel… a regular… meh hotel. Come as you are.

Overall: Struggle 2. (My companion refused to let me give them 2.25)

Would I go again?: Not if I were paid… well maybe if I were paid.

All pictures were taken by my trusty iphone Samsung. No they didn’t compensate me for the post and… yeah that’s it.


menuMixt Peruvian-Japanese Cuisine

7209 SW 59TH AVE.

Menu Choices:

As the name suggests there is an interesting mix of traditional Peruvian food and a wide array of sushi rolls. It was not a pairing I would have ever thought of but they make it work very successfully.

EMPANADAS* (pictured) 
GYOZA (pictured) Asian Peruvian dumplings, served with Peruvian style ponzu
ACEVICHADO ROLL (pictured) Shrimp katsu, avocado, topped with tuna and acevichado sauce
AJI DE GALLINA (pictured)  Shredded chicken breast cooked with cream of aji amarillo and nuts
THAI DONUTS (pictured)

Food: Ok I am still stuffed and it’s been a full 24 hours… I’m not kidding. There was a heartiness to the meal that definitely sneaks up on you. The food has a homemade taste that made me question if they had kidnapped someone’s abuela and had her slaving in the back. I was really satisfied when I left there and I only hope that when I come back a few weeks or few months from now they haven’t “grown out of it”.

Service:  I am sure the waitress we had has little to no experience in the restaurant business. She rushed through the meals to where I was still noshing on my appetizer while Naty already had her entree. They didn’t have clean plates so we had to wait while the washed them… one plate at a time. I know this sounds like I am complaining but surprisingly I’m not. They have only been open 2 months so I understand they are getting their footing together. I did love how she brought us a dessert that wasn’t even on the Spice menu simply because she wanted us to experience all their desserts. BIG PLUS!!!

Environment: First off, it dig that it has a trendy look with it’s lime green walls (which if you have ever been to my house you know is a High 5).

BUT this space is tiny… like used to be a froyo shop 3 months ago tiny. The tables are extremely small to where there were a lot of times that the ladies and I were like…. “where are we going to put our water glasses?” lol. They are going to have to get bigger tables to go with their big taste…. I’m not eating out of my lap next time.

What to Wear: This is South Miami… wear whatever you like. It is down the street from the University of Miami so there is an inherent laid-back feel that comes from a college environment.

Overall: Strong 3.75

Would I go again?: It is definitely a gem that I look forward to trying again.

*The empanadas are not on the Miami Spice meal but were a well enjoyed addition*

All pictures were taken by my trusty iphone Samsung. No they didn’t compensate me for the post and… yeah that’s it.

Do We Love It: Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant

20130711_222307Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant

819 5th St

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Menu Choices:

Wide-range of selections from the Tap Tap salad to Legumes to Fish to Goat.

Food: Yes Lawd! If you know me you know I have an affinity for goat. Every time I see that on the menu at a Caribbean restaurant it is my “when in doubt” meal.  They didn’t have the stewed goat that I had my last visit so I had the Taso Kabrit (fried goat tidbit with spicy creole dipping sauce). I was going to save this as a “tip” BUT by fried they don’t mean “southern fried”. You are not going to get a crispy layer, so if that’s what you are looking for you might be disappointed. It was definitely a homemade taste, which I can appreciate. Is is the height of culinary mastery? Not so much.

Service: I wasn’t fall awed by the service, but we really didn’t give him much to do. The orders were taken well, and came out promptly. That’s good in my book.

Love the wall art pieces

Environment: I can go on and on about the environment. From the outside you have no idea about the rich vibrant world you are going to embark on. From the painted chairs, to the beautiful wall murals (that I could have stared at all day), it is a great space. The band was great and definitely made you swear you are on the short of Port-au-Prince.

What to Wear: Whatever your heart desires but you can really leave the body cons in the closet (it’s not that kind of party)

Overall: Strong 4.

Would I go again?: It is definitely on my Miami recommendations for friends, because the locals already know about it.

A couple of tips:

1. There is a live band on Thursday that definitely heightens the whole experience.

2. They are known for their Mojitos…. kinda sweet but does that dang thing.

Taso Kabrit (fried goat tidbit with spicy creol dipping sauce)

All pictures were taken by my trusty iphone Samsung. No they didn’t compensate me for the post and… yeah that’s it.

Do We Love It: Restaurant Orsay @orsayjax

ESCARGOTS Mushrooms, lemon, garlic, butter
Mushrooms, lemon, garlic, butter

Restaurant Orsay

3630 Park Street

Jacksonville FL 32205 (In the Avondale Area)

Menu Choices:

Amazing… let me say that again amazing french cuisine. For you healthy foodies, they also have a gluten-free menu which my date was very pumped about.

Food: Drool-inducing. No really. After we had the escargots, we actually had them bring us an order of just the mushrooms in the lemon, garlic butter sauce. It appears we were the first to ever ask for that (maybe they will call it the K Word special… no? Oh.) The entrees didn’t disappoint either my seared sea scallops were divine.

Literally the whole night, my date kept saying “Wow! Wow! Wow!” and she wasn’t even talking about me for most of them. *POW*

SEARED SEA SCALLOPS Artichoke puree, pickled fresno peppers, fresh herb salad, roasted hazelnuts
Artichoke puree, pickled fresno peppers, fresh herb salad, roasted hazelnuts

Service: From the host to the bartender to the wait service to the dishwasher, everyone was great (No, I don’t really know if the dishwasher was great but I’m sure they are). Extremely attentive, personable, accommodating. This was the best service I have received in a quite a long time.

Environment: You feel like you are in a well-kept secret. The decor is not imposing and welcomes an intimate conversation. This is not a place for the kiddies (even though there was one or two children with their families). It is definitely perfect for date night, or even dinner with the girls. And yes they are very LGBT friendly – or at they least they were to these two Ls.

What to Wear: No explicit dress code but it’s always nice to turn it up a notch. If you are going to be casual chic, no worries there is outside seating. (Yes I put you outside ha!)

Overall: Super Strong 4.5

Would I go again?: If I’m nice maybe I’ll get taken back… If I’m naughty I guess I will take myself back.

VANILLA BEAN CRÈME BRULEE Traditional garniture
Traditional garniture

A couple of tips:

1. Make sure to call (or go on opentable) for a reservation. All the foodies of Jacksonville know about this place so you might be left in the cold if you try to walk in without one.

2. Tell them how you feel. They have a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. You can also get info, see the menus and all that good stuff on their website.

All pictures were taken by my trusty iphone. No they didn’t compensate me for the post and… yeah that’s it.