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KWord Approved: “I will wait for you” by Janette…ikz

I can’t even begin to explain to you how much this video spoke to my spirit and reminds me how God puts people in your life for different reasons and seasons.

Special hug and shout out to my T-ster, with who I am “spiritually intertwined and connected” for sharing this right on time!!!

I will wait…. All I gotta do is say NO!

:60 Second Shorts: Ebony mag features a “lesbian” couple on their Hot Couples list

So it is the month of love and Ebony has decided to include a “lesbian” (a term that I think should be replaced with “something-like-a-lesbian”) couple in their Hot Couples in 2011 article. Now at first when my girl RL told me about the article I was like “Go head Ebony” with a big smile… but trust me that smile turned into a side-eye as I read exactly what was going as a “lesbian hot couple” nowadays.
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10 Things 2 Know About: Lez City

Meet Adrienne Michelle, a self-proclaimed Jersey Girl (currently cheating with Philadelphia) who loves to write about sex, love and relationships. She loves it so much that she’s decided to make a career out of it. Adrienne is currently in graduate school to become a clinical sexologist… (think Dr. Ruth or Sue Johanson…except the young, black, lesbian version.)

Give her time and you will be able to call her a relationship counselor, sex therapist, shrink, sexpert, and sex educator… but until then sick mind fuck (her words not mine) will have to do.

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Choke me Daddi…

In my effort to educate and stimulate, I will fully disclose that I love being choked during sex.

Disclaimer: This ain’t for everybody. I ain’t Dr. Ruth or Dr. Drew or anyone that could be held responsible if you lose brain function.

Maybe it’s the glasses but I feel the need to nerd up this post before I go any further, so here is the Encyclopedia Brown definition:

Erotic asphyxiation is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal.

Here is the K word definition:

When my partner chokes me short of being the next episode of the first 48, but long enough that when I regain full consciousness my body is convulsing in shocks of sexual electricity.

*pause* I need a moment.

Now I will bypass the gritty details of when EX almost killed me her first time out, and get to the moral of the story… Choking is dangerous. If you don’t have a plan, you can catch a charge.

So here are a three things you should know (from my own experience) before you start choking people like it’s Kool and the Gang.


Okay I have already confessed that I am a freak but that doesn’t mean I  let every Tam, Tish and Terry put my life in their hands. You have to KNOW your partner and yourself with your partner before deciding if you want to try anything like this in the bedroom. You don’t want to wait until you are in the throes of passion to realize… this heffa is crazy.

2. Banana Cream Pie… or any safeword will do.

No, I am not quoting a line from the Katt Williams standup. Safewords are NON-SEXUAL words that signal to your partner that they need to let go. When dealing with life or death you don’t want there to be any confusion about “No means Yes” or “Stop means Go”. So before you even get undressed you need to decide what your signal is. In my opinion, the odder the word the better… If it makes your partner pause and say “Huh?” then it is on point.

Forget Don’t Drink and Drive…

3. Don’t Coke and Choke

This might seem obvious but don’t get wasted before you try sexual asphyxiation (Thank God for spell check). There are a lots of reasons but mostly it slows down your reaction time and affects your blood pressure. Trust me the act is more of a high than you could possibly imagine… you don’t need anything else.

Okay so those are my three things to consider, anyone that has other other additions or questions tweet me and I will see what I can do.

Until then *cough*… I gotta go.