:60 Second Shorts – Why Sheryl Swoopes Doesn’t Need NYs Approval

Now I know that Superlesbians Don’t Exist but I will have to say Sheryl Swoopes was pretty damn close to a lot of us… okay maybe just me. As the first African American openly gay player in the WNBA, with a few gold medals to boot, Sheryl’s revelation immediately made her a role model to many young lesbians (whether she said that was her goal or not).

Granted when she originally came out as a lesbian, her statements weren’t exactly ones I would use as soundbites for “the cause”…

“I’m not bisexual,” she said. “I don’t think I was born [gay]. Again, it was a choice. As I got older, once I got divorced, it wasn’t like I was looking for another relationship, man or woman. I just got feelings for another woman. I didn’t understand it at the time, because I had never had those feelings before.” (which is eerily reminisce of the quote from the “Ebony’s Hot Lesbian Couple” chick)

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