I’m A Pothead: Plum Glazed Cornish Hens Slow Cooker Recipe [with video]

Happy New Year’s Eve lovelies. I am sick with a cold so I will be spending the NYE drinking NYQuil and hot toddies. I hope everyone has a safe beginning to 2014. I did want to share one of my crock pot recipes. I just noticed I haven’t shared one in a while.  I make this for my family’s Christmas dinner. It is always a hit with us, I hope you like it as well. Continue reading


I’m A Pothead: Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew Slowcooker Recipe

20131006_114339I love food. I looooooove food. The problem is I don’t love the fact that my pants aren’t fitting at the moment. I have been using the excuse that I live alone and hate cooking for only one person, but that’s not working for me anymore.

So I brought my crockpot out of retirement the last week and made a Chicken Chili that was AMAZING (if I say so myself). I was able to eat off it all week, without taking one detour to Popeyes.

Ruby made a return appearance this weekend and I thought I would share (and keep sharing). I will try to keep my meals under $25.00 for the budget conscious among us.

First up, Chicken and Sweet Potato stew.

Cost: 15.00

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